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Unparalleled research projects led by faculty

Our world-renowned faculty members in the School of International Letters and Cultures solve prominent issues facing communities worldwide through research. From exploring the meaning of butterflies in Chinese and Korean culture to addressing the effect of interpersonal violence in Latin America, our faculty-led research projects have unprecedented value for cultures and communities across the globe.

Frederic Canovas
Faculty Head of French and Italian and Assoc Professor, French

I specialize in the study of French poetry and narrative from Baudelaire to surrealism. I have worked also on the autobiographical writings of Andr� Gide, Jean Cocteau, Paul L�autaud, Julien Green, among others. My other interests are the history of the book and illustrated books from the 19th century to surrealism and the... more

Alvaro Cerron-Palomino
Faculty Head of Linguistics and Associate Professor, Spanish

Variationist Sociolinguistics


Language Contact/Bilingualism

Historical (Socio)Linguistics

Corpus Linguistics

Statistical methods for linguistic corpus analysis

Huaiyu Chen
Assoc Professor

My research interests span Buddhism and Nestorian Christianity, and medieval Chinese social and cultural history. I am also interested in modern intellectual history, in particular, the cultural construction of religious studies as an academic discipline in modern China.


Sookja Cho
Assoc Professor, Korean and Comparative Literature

Professor Chos research fields include: Pre-modern Chinese and Korean literature and culture; Sino-Korean exchange and East Asian comparative literature; gender and religious studies; performance literature; and oral storytelling and folk literature.


Markus Cruse
Director Graduate Studies, Assoc Professor, French

Literature, theater, art, architecture, urbanism of medieval France

Manuscript Studies

Alexander the Great in the Middle Ages

Medieval travel literature and depictions of the East

History of Paris

Haitian literature

Daniel Gilfillan
Assoc Professor, German

Twentieth-Century German and Austrian Studies
Media Studies (Film, Radio, Sound Studies)
Critical Cultural Studies
Humanities and Sustainability

Recent Press Coverage Related to Research and Program Development

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William Hedberg
Associate Professor, Japanese

Sino-Japanese literary and cultural relations (esp. early modern period)

Japanese Sinology

Travel literature

Translation studies

Premodern fiction criticism in East Asia

Manuel Hernandez
Assoc Professor, Spanish
Hilde Hoogenboom
Assoc Professor, Russian

nineteenth-century literature in Russia, sentimentalism and realism, women writers, Catherine the Great, life writing, noble service culture, civil society, gender, European book markets, translation, digital humanities.



Christopher Johnson
Associate Professor of Spanish, German, and Comparative Literature


Global Intersections Blog

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