SILC Learning Support Services provides access to technology resources for language learning and teaching. These include:

  • VoiceThread - a digital storytelling/slideshow tool for students to create narratives using images, text and recorded speech.
  • Antidote HD - a monolingual French spelling and grammar checker with extensive dictionaries and grammatical explanations. Required for French composition courses at the 300-level and above.
  • Computer classrooms for students in SILC courses.
  • Printing for students in SILC courses.
  • Access to specialized language input methods and keyboard layouts for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Armenian, Persian, and Hebrew.
  • Digital storytelling tools, including cameras and audio recorders and software to create video materials.
  • Access to software enabling group work and collaboration.
  • Audio materials to accompany textbooks for language courses at all levels.
  • Streamed media for use in courses on culture, literature, language and film.

as well as training and consulting on how best to use technology effectively to learn languages, literature and cultures.

Other great resources for information regarding language learning technology include:

SILC LSS provides technology training and support through the academic year, for a list of offerings, please see Teaching Support Workshops.

Note that LSS does not currently provide access to self-instructional materials, such as Rosetta Stone or Live Mocha.

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