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Language proficiency and cultural awareness are necessary to truly engage with the world and others. The School of International Letters and Cultures is ASU’s primary unit for education and research on global cultures and languages. We enable you to achieve high levels of language skills and rich cultural knowledge that will help you succeed as an informed citizen and professional in an increasingly globalized world. Are you ready to become a citizen of the modern world?

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Together, our potential is limitless

When you invest in the School of International Letters and Cultures, you help support our goal to educate students to become multilingual and globally informed citizens of today’s complex world. In addition, philanthropy provides an extra measure of support for our faculty, research initiatives and community programs that could otherwise not be reached. Together, we can impact the lives of many.

Why study languages and cultures ASU?

In today’s increasingly global environment, intercultural and interdisciplinary communication and knowledge have unprecedented value. The School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University provides spaces for students who want to engage with and celebrate cultural diversity.

See career outcomes with a global education.

Our centers and initiatives

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Humanities Lab

The Humanities Lab at ASU is designed as an experimental space in which interdisciplinary faculty teams work with students from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds to investigate grand social challenges, to construct researchable questions that delve deeply into those challenges, and to generate possible approaches to complex, “wicked” issues like immigration, health, and climate change, for which there are no easy answers. 

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Chinese Language Flagship Center

The ASU Chinese Language Flagship Center offers a dynamic undergraduate program for highly motivated students interested in achieving a professional level of Chinese proficiency while simultaneously pursuing any major of their choice. Our programs attract students who are among the best learners of Chinese in the nation.

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Centers, institutes and councils

Our centers, institutes and councils reflect our dedication to examining languages, literature and cultures, developing collaborative spaces to work with others in changing the world.

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