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Unparalleled research projects led by faculty

Our world-renowned faculty members in the School of International Letters and Cultures solve prominent issues facing communities worldwide through research. From exploring the meaning of butterflies in Chinese and Korean culture to addressing the effect of interpersonal violence in Latin America, our faculty-led research projects have unprecedented value for cultures and communities across the globe.

Stephen Bokenkamp
Regents Professor, Chinese
School Director & Professor

globalization studies; humanitarianism; tourism; German orientalism and colonialism; Germans in Africa; intercultural hermeneutics

Joe Cutter
Professor, Chinese
Carlos Garcia-Fernandez
Professor, Spanish


His research focuses on modern and contemporary Spain.  Currently, he is working with Gonzalo Sobejano on a critical edition of Antagon�a, by Luis Goytisolo (C�tedra).


Juan Gil-Osle
Professor, Spanish
Danko Sipka
Professor, Slavic

Danko Sipka's research interests include lexicography, lexicology, linguistic anthropology, lexical and inflectional morphology, computational linguistics, and computer-assisted learning.

Cynthia Tompkins
Professor, Spanish

Latin American Film, Latin American Women Writers, Latin American Cultural Production, Contemporary Critical Discourse.

Michael Tueller
Professor of the Classics

I work primarily in the Hellenistic period, the time after Alexander the Great but before Augustus, when Greek language and culture spread broadly across the Mediterranean. At that time, the Greek people had to deal with their own discontinuity in space and time from their heritage, and with their constant contact with very different peoples.... more

Emil Volek
Professor, Spanish
Stephen West
Faculty Head of East and Southeast Asian and Professor, Chinese


Global Intersections Blog

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