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Student Research

Participate in groundbreaking research projects

In the School of International Letters and Cultures, you’ll have the opportunity to work with top researchers and faculty at Arizona State University – one of the most forward-thinking metropolitan research universities in the country.

Whether you want to explore the cultural significance of butterflies in China, find solutions to global climate change, study interpersonal violence in Latin America or virtually anything in between, our research projects are a great way to engage in hands-on learning, develop critical thinking skills and discover your personal interests.

In addition, if you are considering graduate school, the strongest applicants usually have some type of research on their resume. Global cultural research can also give you a competitive advantage over other applicants when you’re looking for employment after graduation.

For additional information, please call 480-965-6281 or email silc@asu.edu.

Humanities Lab

The Humanities Lab provides students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on research on compelling social challenges of interest to today's students while working with others who are also invested in making a difference. The Humanities Lab has designed a flexible, experimental space in Ross Blakely Hall to promote collaboration and team-based activities including huddle spaces and rough tables for building models, making posters, etc.

Humanities Lab