Placement and proficiency language testing services for students

The School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University offers a variety of testing services for current and prospective students who wish to determine placement or showcase proficiency in language courses.

Undergraduate students

Information on placement and proficiency testing for current and future undergraduates.

Test to find out which level class to take

Language placement testing

Test out of second language requirement

Proficiency testing

Graduate students

Information on the graduate foreign language reading examination.

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Additional testing services

Arizona Classroom Teacher Spanish Proficiency Examination Information on the Arizona Classroom Teacher Spanish Proficiency Examination, which is required of individuals who are bilingual classroom teachers, bilingual resource teachers, bilingual specialists or are otherwise responsible for providing bilingual instruction.

TSE/SPEAK test Information on the SPEAK test, a local version of the Test of Spoken English, authorized by Educational Testing Services and administered at ASU through the American English and Culture Program (ASU does not accept SPEAK test results from other universities).

TOEFL, IELTS and other English language tests Information on additional English language tests for international students, which are administered by Global Launch at ASU.

American Sign Language placement and proficiency tests For information on placement and testing in American Sign Language, please please contact