Deepen your academic and societal understanding of China while continuing to study the language in-depth. Study in a research-intensive, interdisciplinary program in the traditional and modern languages and cultures of China.

This program prepares you for further academic training, entrance into professional schools or work in any career you choose. You will develop an understanding of Japanese language and culture, while working with exceptional professors.

Design your own education with a Ph.D. in Comparative Culture and Language. This program lets you combine multiple fields in cultural and language studies, finding solutions to the challenges facing our global society.

The past and future come together in the digital humanities graduate certificate program. Conduct humanities research via quantitative and qualitative means that can outfit you with critical-thinking skills, digitizing skills and critical theory training.

Learn how to research with a high level of cultural and linguistic knowledge in this program in which you receive extensive experience in a local vernacular environment and develop the abilities to think critically and deal with complex ideas.

The Master in French Comparative Literature will exercise students’ skills in analysis, critical thinking, literary theory and the French language. Anchored in research methods, students who enroll in this program will compare civilizations, cultures, genres and periods of time, all while maximizing their French proficiency.

Commit yourself to pursue a Master of Arts in French Linguistics, focusing on language, literature or comparative literature. Keep yourself open to the variety of opportunities this degree could offer you!

Commit yourself to studying for a Master of Arts in French Literature, focusing on language, literature or comparative literature. Keep yourself open to the variety of opportunities this degree could offer you!

Deepen your understanding of German linguistic, literary and cultural studies and broaden your knowledge of Germany as one of the world's leading economies, cultural contributors and human rights' advocates.

If you wish to acquire a deep and broad understanding of the field of language pedagogy so that you can teach at the elementary, high school or collegiate level, this master's degree program is right for you.

Learn the skills to effectively teach Spanish as a second language. Develop the expertise to teach students with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds and to utilize modern technologies to enhance student learning.

Receive solid academic preparation, intensive professional development opportunities, and strong pedagogical training and teaching experiences in this doctoral program.

Work closely with expert faculty as you explore intersections of literature and culture or linguistics across the Spanish-speaking world, and become a global citizen prepared for countless career options.

Develop an advanced knowledge of Peninsular, Latin American and Mexican American literature and cultural production. Mentoring by renowned faculty and coursework in a number of available tracks help you develop a sound knowledge of genre, periodization and scholarly research in the field.

Add value to your current academic or professional background with the translation studies certificate. You can gain expertise in practical and theoretical knowledge of translation studies. Expand your potential with one of the most globally relevant fields of the 21st century and become exposed to a variety of different languages and cultures.