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Flagship Scholarship Application

Current students may apply for Flagship scholarships to attend any of our approved summer study abroad or Capstone programs.

Click here to download a Flagship scholarship application form.

Flagship Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be officially accepted into the Flagship program
  • Be in good standing with the Flagship program
  • The program strongly suggests to have a current FAFSA on file at ASU Financial Aid

Flagship Scholarship Application Process:

  1. Notify Flagship staff about study abroad plans (for the upcoming summer) in November.
  2. Research Flagship-approved programs and begin applying to top choices in December.
  3. The program strongly suggests that you submit FAFSA to ASU Financial Aid by January 15th.
  4. Submit the Flagship scholarship application by January.
  5. Submit summer program applications by February.
  6. Notify Flagship coordinator about which program you have decided to attend by March.
  7. Flagship scholarship notification letters will be sent out in April.