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Online Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts and Minor in Spanish

Specialize in Spanish language and culture by earning your bachelor’s degree in Spanish at ASU Online with highly-qualified faculty. This flexible undergraduate degree program emphasizes Spanish language skills and the complex cultural panorama of the many worldwide societies in which Spanish is spoken.


The online Bachelor of Arts in Spanish degree program is a student-centered program that is individually tailored based on your ability to test out of lower-and upper-division language courses. Prior to starting the degree program, you will be required to take a language placement test, which will determine a suggested course level.

Throughout your degree program, you will also gain an advanced understanding of the cultural context of Spanish, Latin American and Mexican American traditions through the analysis of texts, mass media and important social debates throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Courses include Mexican Literature, Civilization of the Spanish Southwest, and Spanish American Civilization. 

The online Minor in Spanish enables you to gain an understanding of the language, literature and cultures of Spanish-speaking peoples and regions in this minor program. You’ll gain oral, reading, speaking and written proficiency in the Spanish minor program. There are also opportunities to partake in study abroad programs, which can enhance your minor experience and education. Knowledge of multiple languages and intercultural competencies enhance any occupation and offer graduates many career opportunities. Career fields where Spanish fluency is valued include advertising, marketing and communications, hospitality, international law and many more.


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ASU Online students can also enroll in the following language courses:

  • French 101, 102, 201, 202

  • German 101, 102, 201, 202

  • Italian 101, 102, 201, 202

  • Vietnamese 101, 102, 201, 202

  • Spanish 101, 102, 201, 202

  • Portuguese 320 

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We also offer the following electives that fulfill general studies designation requirements:

  • Spring 2021: 
    SubjectCourse NumberClass TitleGeneral Studies Designations
    ARB 33526145Arabic Culture and IslamG
    ARB 33730533Hadith and Prophetic TraditionHU, G & H
    ARB 34230534 Quran Text and WomenHU & H 
    ARB 352 22888Modern Arabic Lit/Trans HU & G
    ARB 422 25177Advanced Arabic Media G
    CHI 322  11687Chinese Literature HU & G
    CHI 343 31204Daoism (L or HU) & G & H
    GER 494 25508Special Topics: Animals in the Anthropocene HU & G
    HEB 347 21153Modern Israeli Literature in Translation HU & G
    HEB 349 21152Israeli Wars in Israeli Movies HU & G 
    ITA 494 31015Special Topics: Italian Ecocinema G, HU & L
    ROM 310 30784Migration and Identity G
    ROM 442 25778Dracula and Vampire Lore (L or HU) & G & H
    RUS 323 32746Russian Literature and Revolution 20thC (L or HU) & G
    SLC 340 25408Approaches Intl Cinema HU & G
    SPA 394 23775Special Topics: Cinema and Culture of Spain HU & G
    SLC 421 21316 Japanese Literature in Translation (L or HU) & G
    SLC 425 23889Globalization: From Colonialism to Climate Change HU & G 
    SLC 429 13882Studies European Lit/Culture (L or HU) & G & H
    SPA 394 23775 Special Topics: Cinema and Culture of Spain HU & G
    SPA 494 25777Ecocritical Approaches Lat Am HU & G

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