Undergraduate Degrees

China is one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations and newest economic giants. When you study Chinese language and culture, you'll gain a competitive edge in the dynamic frontier of international business and relations, as well as the arts and sciences.

Studying Japanese opens the door to a variety of new career paths, experiences and opportunities for personal growth, career development and global exploration. Whether you are interested in foreign service, teaching, international business, diplomacy, science and technology, entertainment or anything in between, knowledge of Japanese takes you anywhere.

Prepare to meet the challenges of the future in this unique and innovative degree program. You'll improve your cultural competence and harness new and emerging technology to develop humanistic solutions to environmental, societal and global issues.


French, BA

Did you know that French is the fifth most spoken language in the world? An understanding of the French language and its renowned foods, cultures, communities and customs prepares you for a career of adventure and creativity as a globally informed citizen.


German, BA

Translate the world from a new perspective by studying German literature, customs, cuisine and more. From its profound history at the center of the Holocaust to its present-day influence on business, film, sustainability and more, Germany and German language and culture provide globally informed perspectives for diverse career paths.

The study of diverse languages and cultures, and how they intersect in the past, present and the future, opens the door to a whole new world. As a globally informed citizen, you'll be in demand for a variety of careers and disciplines.

With approximately 420 million speakers around the world, Arabic is rooted in influential and emerging economies, ancient history and modern politics. When you learn this strategic language, you will also gain the cultural intelligence and competency that gives you a competitive edge and a pathway into a number of fields.

Knowing the past gives a new perspective on the present. Once you have studied the myths, history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome, you'll always see the big picture, setting you up for success in education, business, law, the arts and more.

Uncover the rich history, philosophy and artistic endeavors of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and gain expertise in their ancient languages. Gain an in-depth understanding of the foundations of modern society that have inspired innovative leaders in the past and present.


Italian, BA

Study Italy's rich history, culture and cuisine and develop research and communication skills that come from fluency in multiple languages. Prepare for a career in one of the many industries influenced by Italian customs and traditions, such as fashion, design, sustainability, manufacturing and more.


Russian, BA

Take your place on the world stage by studying Russian. Prepare for a career as a globally informed citizen, having completed an immersive, international experience that shapes your understanding of Russia's past, present and future, and its intersections with other nations and industries across the world.


Spanish, BA

Fluency in Spanish coupled with critical thinking and analytical skills affords you an unparalleled competitive edge in today's job market and our increasingly diverse society. Traveling, living and working in Spanish-speaking communities around the world provides a wide array of personal and professional opportunities for embracing life in a globalized world.