SILC Learning Support Services hosts tutoring and oral exam sessions that are scheduled through the School's various language programs. 

Learning Support Services does not hire or coordinate tutoring services outside of School of International Languages and Cultures, nor does it make referrals to tutors or students not employed by Learning Support Services.  Please contact SILC's main office at 480-965-3881 for information regarding tutoring other than that which has been arranged for each language by the various sections within SILC.

Tutoring takes place in LL427, LL164A, and LL65B.  Please confirm the location and schedule with your instructor at the beginning of each semester.

Who will help me?

The center tutors are students who have completed all lower divisions or they are native speakers with previous experiences with tutoring and/or teaching. They also do on-going training to ensure that the information they are relaying is accurate.

What will they help me with?

  • Provide you with feedback on your work
  • Help you understand difficult points, including grammatical concepts
  • Help you improve your strategies and study techniques
  • Help you work on your writing assignments (such as thesis, organization, cohesion, etc.), as well as help you identify language errors. Bring specific questions before your session!
  • Help you practice conversation in your subject's language.
  • What can tutors not help me with?

  • Completing homework and assignments for students
  • Drafting and editing writing assignments
  • Creating work that is not representative of the students ability level. Please see ASU's Academic Integrity Policy
  • How long can I tutor for?

    Tutoring sessions are limited to 15 minutes to 30 minutes per tutor.

    What do I do if I need more than 30 minutes?

    Our tutors are not here to replace your instructor. If you are needing more than 30 minutes talk with your instructor about receiving additional instruction from them outside of class.

    Do I have to pay?

    No! Your course fees pay for this service.

    Online Tutoring Session:
    For attending online tutoring session please make sure you are on Chrome or Firefox.

    Languages with available tutoring:

    Click Here
    to Access the Online Arabic Tutoring Room

    Click Here
    to Access the Online Chinese Tutoring Room

    Click Here
    to Access the Online French Tutoring

    Click Here
    to Access the Online German Tutoring

    Click Here
    to Access the Online Italian Tutoring

    Click Here
    to Access the Online JapaneseTutoring

    Click Here
    to Access the Online Korean Tutoring

    Click Here
    to Access the Online Russian Tutoring

    Click Here
    for Online Spanish Tutoring

    Portuguese Tutoring
    Hebrew Tutoring - Fall 2019

    You can also schedule a tutoring session by sending an email to silclss@asu.edu. It will take two to three business days for us to confirm or deny the session. Also, all requests sent via email may or may not be accepted based on the tutors' availability. In the email please provide the following information:.

  • Language you wish to be tutored in
  • A brief description about the type of tutoring help that you need
  • Days and times you are available to meet with the tutor
  • And whether you wish to meet face-to-face or online

  • Job Opportunity

    Learning Support Services (LSS) within the School of International Letters and Cultures is looking for Tutors to tutor language-learning students. We are looking for tutors who are reliable and dependable and are willing to help students enrolled in various language courses improve their understanding of the material being presented to them.

    Targeted Languages:

    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • German - Summer/Fall 2019
    • Hebrew
    • Italian
    • Japanese - Summer/Fall 2019
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Spanish

    So, what’s in it for YOU? This position is great for building your resume in instruction, communications, leadership, and showing you’ve worked for a highly-regarded service unit at ASU.

  • For further information go to SILC LSS Tutor Description 
  • Instructions to Apply

    Application deadline is 3:00PM Arizona time on the date indicated.

    Please include all employment information in month/year format (e.g., 6/88 to 8/94), job title, job duties and name of employer for each position.

    Resume should clearly illustrate how prior knowledge, should clearly state which language you are applying to, and experience meets the Minimum and Desired qualifications of this position. Please also include the following:

    • A cover letter in one of the targeted languages and English.
    • A minimum of ONE recommendation from a targeted language instructor at ASU (instructor should also be listed as one of your three references).
    • Copy of a corrected exam.
    • Copy of an unofficial transcript showing current enrollment, completion and grade requirements.

    ASU does not pay for travel expenses associated with interviews, unless otherwise indicated.

    Only electronic applications are accepted for this position.