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Chinese Language Flagship ROTC Program

Flagship ROTC

The objective of the ASU Chinese Language Flagship ROTC Program is to increase the number of ROTC students that can achieve a Superior Level of Proficiency in Chinese. The program focuses on creating innovative language training opportunities for ROTC students to participate in a Flagship-style language learning environment during the course of their undergraduate studies.

With the increased investment by the U.S. Department of Defense in critical language skills, there is a keen demand for commissioned officers with high levels of linguistic proficiency and in-depth cultural understanding of critical languages, cultures and regions. ASU has been selected to administer a joint Flagship ROTC program to guide ROTC students to superior Chinese levels while concurrently preparing them to become commissioned officers in all branches of the military.

Flagship ROTC students are highly motivated students that foresee Chinese as a defining component of their careers paths both within and outside of the military. Through rigorous study and cultural immersion, these students graduate to become the next generation of global professionals and leaders of character of service to the nation. Captain David Price, commanding officer of ASU's Naval ROTC Program, commented in the ASU CLAS Magazine, "Programs like Chinese Flagship are critical in providing the level of expertise needed to understand the peoples and cultures in areas we operate in." With advanced understanding of China’s language and culture, Flagship ROTC students are a vital resource in addressing issues of national security.

Students interested in applying are encouraged to speak with Flagship and ROTC staff about their interest.

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