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Faculty Research

Unparalleled research projects led by faculty

Our world-renowned faculty members in the School of International Letters and Cultures solve prominent issues facing communities worldwide through research. From exploring the meaning of butterflies in Chinese and Korean culture to addressing the effect of interpersonal violence in Latin America, our faculty-led research projects have unprecedented value for cultures and communities across the globe.

Ligia Bezerra
Assistant Professor

Consumer culture, everyday life, contemporary Latin American fiction, Lusophone literature and culture

Serena Ferrando
Assistant Professor of Environmental Humanities and Italian
  • Modern and contemporary Italian literature and culture
  • Environmental humanities
  • Digital humanities
  • Urban soundscapes / The city in literature
  • Noise
  • Literature and mental illness
  • Foundations of the 20th-century Italian literary canon
Michael Gradoville
Assist Professor, Spanish
Judit Kroo
Asst Professor, Modern Japanese Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies

Sociocultural Linguistics, Social Media, Popular Culture, Japan, Korea

Jianling Liao
Director of Chinese Flagship Program and Asst Professor, Chinese
Marta Tecedor Cabrero
Asst Professor, Spanish - Second Language Acquisition

Computer-assisted language learning, hybrid and flipped instruction, instructor training, curriculum development, teaching methods, second language acquisition theories, second language speaking

Hope Anderson
Clinical Asst Professor, Director of Spanish Language Acquisition
Glen Goodman
Program Manager + Clinical Assistant Professor
Mariana Bahtchevanova
Principal Lecturer MY
Xia Zhang
Principal Lecturer, MY, Chinese

second language acquisition, Chinese linguistics, and Chinese language pedagogy. 



Global Intersections Blog

the SILC Instructional and Research Technology Committee has created a central hub of research and points-of-interest stories surrounding the language and cultures in the School of International Letters and Cultures.  This is a constant work in progress-- there is something new to look at every time.  These entries come from the perspective of faculty, graduate students, lecturers, and instructors. If you are interested in intensive courses, faculty research, or the role of technology in learning languages, give the link a quick click