Dear Colleagues:

 Been thinking about the technology that increasingly surrounds us and permeates our professional and personal lives?  So have we.  Online classes are becoming the norm; students are deeply engaged with mobile devices; wearable technologies and virtual reality loom on the horizon of the everyday; the Internet of Things is here.  

 We think that SILC LSS needs to foster dialogue and discovery around new technologies and their impact on teaching and learning.  So, we’ve created ThinkSpace — a weekly two-hour event in which SILC’s Online Instructional Support group will host an opportunity to look at what’s new and what’s next, a place for you to bring questions, discoveries you’ve made, dilemmas you and your students face.   At each session, there’ll be a short presentation on a topic of interest in instruction and learning, followed by an open Q&A that might include issues you’re having in an online or hybrid course, a technique or problem that you’d like to share or solve, a question that’s arisen from something you’ve heard about or seen, a new technology or approach that intrigues you.  

 ThinkSpace is from 1:45pm to 3:45pm each week in LL 68, and alternates between Wednesday and Tuesday every week.  You can see the full schedule below.

 Drop in.  Come and go as you please, and as you have time — there’s no obligation to spend the full two hours with us.  If you’ve got something to show and to explore together,  bring it along!

 We’ll discuss, discover, and work together to broaden our understanding of available and emergent technologies and their potential to transform what we do.  Come join us.


In Short, ThinkSpace is:

  • a weekly two-hour coffee event, focused on technology and instruction.
  • Get specific help on Blackboard or other instructional tools
  • Discuss what's new, what's next, your discoveries, your dilemmas, etc. with your SILC LSS OIS group and your knowledgeable colleagues.
  • Come and go as you please.
  • Weekly topics will get the conversation started, but where it goes is up to you.
  • In LL 68, unless otherwise noted.
  • 1:45pm - 3:45 pm on alternating Wednesdays and Tuesdays


Notes from previous ThinkSpace Sessions




Jan. 10 - Wednesday"Week 1" - Join us for our first ThinkSpace of the Spring 2018 semester. Come meet the SILC LSS OIS professional staff and SILC LSS student workers, as well as discuss what you need from OIS this year and what you’ve learned or seen that you would love to share with your colleagues.
Jan. 16 - TuesdayThe ASU Toolbox - Join us as we explore what tools ASU specifically offers that can help us with our teaching duties. What have your experiences been with these tools, and how have they helped shape your lectures and lessons?
Jan. 24 - WednesdayRetaining Students - Join us as we dive into the important topic of student retention. We will discuss what technologies are available, how they are being used and the strategies you use in your classes to keep students engaged and interested in the materials.
Jan. 30 - TuesdayVideo in the Classroom - Join us as we inquire about the use of video in the classroom. What tools do faculty currently use to create and share video both within and outside their face-to-meetings? Coffee will be hot and ready! See you there!
Feb. 7 - WednesdayTime and Technology - Join as we explore effective time management in our teaching. Topics will include tips and tricks that all faculty use to save time within and outside our classrooms through the use of technology.
Feb. 13 - TuesdayDigital Portfolios - Join us as we dive into the use of digital portfolios and their usefulness as an educational tool and supplement for future employment opportunities. The primer conversation will revolve around faculty’s current use of digital portfolios and their experiences using these types of tools. Furthermore, we will discuss digication and its uses within the ASU system.
Feb. 21 - WednesdayFeedback in the Digital Age - Join us as we inquire about the importance of feedback in the ever-increasing digital age. What tips and tricks can you offer other colleagues about how you use, provide and process feedback? The coffee will be hot and ready! See you there!
Feb. 27 - TuesdayOpinions on Technology - Join as we explore general technology use in our teaching. The primer conversation will focus on all types of opinions ranging from poisitve to negative about how technology has affected our teaching. No matter your opinion, this primer will be exponentially enriched by all opinions regarding the subject!
No ThinkSpace this week
March 13 - TuesdayAssessing Student Performance - Join us as we dive into assessing student performance. What tools do you currently use to assess student performance? What are some challenges that are presented to you? What ideas can you share with your colleagues to help address their needs?
March 21 - WednesdayMethods and Activities in Online Learning - Join as we inquire about methods and activities in online learning. The primer conversation will focus on how the aforementioned aspects of online learning are fundamentally different and how we can work to ensure that effective learning takes place. Please come and share your experiences! Coffee will be hot and ready! See you there!
March 27 - TuesdayGames and Teaching - Join as we explore games and teaching. How do you use games in your teaching and what insights can you offer other faculty on the subject. We will also explore some gamification principles and share previous experiences of other faculty.
April 4 - WednesdaySocial Media - Join as we dive into social media use in the language classroom. The primer conversation will focus on some popular social media tools as we discuss which tools could be helpful for our students’ needs.
April 10 - TuesdayFostering Classroom Community - Join us as we inquire about fostering classroom community. We will discuss ways in which we currently foster classroom community through technology as well as debate the problems that arise in that process and how me might be able to solve them.
April 18 - WednesdayCommunication in Teaching - Join us as we explore communication in teaching ranging from teacher/student and student/student communication to classroom communication and notes. What have you found to be effective and what challenges have presented themselves along the way?
April 24 - TuesdayLooking Ahead - Join us for the last ThinkSpace of the Spring 2018 semester. We will focus our primer conversation on new technologies on the horizon and look for faculty input as well. Coffee will be ready to go and we look forward to seeing you there!