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SILC Learning Support Services provides a wide variety of workshops, training, brown bag and other events to help faculty and students learn how to use technology effectively in their learning and teaching. Topics range from using digital storytelling techniques and tools to assessing online course environments, to learning camera and recording techniques, to Blackboard tips and tricks.

All events are coordinated through SILC LSS's Online Instructional Support team (silclss_ois@asu.edu).

The currently scheduled workshops are listed below.

Please contact us at silclss_ois@asu.edu with requests for other topics. We are glad to create other workshops, or meet with you one-on-one or in a group setting.

Scheduled events are in LL 68, unless otherwise noted.

Not a workshop, but a weekly two-hour coffee event, focused on technology and instruction.

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Various Dates
Various Times
LL 65a (and other)
Canvas - Training - Basics

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Dates and Times will be added throughout the semester. Click on "reserve your spot" above for the full calendar.

These workshops are reserved for ASU faculty, staff and TAs.

Participants can attend either in person on the Tempe Campus or remotely via Zoom.

Topics include: Creating Content, Pages, Files, Assignments, Quizzes, Discussion Boards, Announcements, Navigation, Links, Modules, Speedgrader

This is a hands on workshop, so please have a Canvas Sandbox/Dev Shell to work in. You can request one from: http://links.asu.edu/canvas-request-process

Other Workshops
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Other Information
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Instruction Junction at The College - Resources, training, and support for instructors teaching online and on campus - The College
Other Workshops
- ASU Online
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Other Workshops
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Other Workshops
- IALLT Webinars
The International Association for Language Learning Technology - Webinars Calendar:
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Training and workshops are coordinated through LSS's online instructional support team.

Have a request for a topic or event? Contact us at silclss_ois@asu.edu.