Zoom Equipment Setup - Type A, B, C - University Classrooms

Zoom Equipment Setup - Type A, B, C - University Classrooms

Training List

1. ASU Sync Classroom Orientations - (for Type A, B, and C Rooms) 

  • ASU Sync website - then scroll down to "ASU Sync Classroom Orientation"
    • One-on-one and Groups Sessions

2. ASU Sync Classroom Technology - Presentation 

  • This will give you a good overview of the Zoom Setups that are available in the University classrooms:
  • Note, that the A, B, and C designations are very general.  For instance, For two different "Type A" rooms, the capabilities should be the same, but the equipment may be somewhat different. 
  • Also, See the "Zoom setups that will be available in ASU classrooms" document at https://silc.asu.edu/is/resourcesandlinks

3. Classroom Zoom Setups - Getting Started instructions (A, B, and C setups)

  • This includes "step-by-step directions",  "Printable Directions", and "Video Overviews". 

4. Request a "Classroom Scheduled Technology Orientation Session"

  • The page says "You can schedule a 30-minute training and one of our friendly staff members will meet you in the room to give instruction on how to operate the Audiovisual equipment in the classroom."

5. ThinkSpace - Live!

  • Basic setups, advanced setups, scenarios, questions, etc.



  • Contact the "ASU Experience Center" (help desk) during class for help with the equipment in the room.  See https://uto.asu.edu/experiencecenter for contact information.  The "ASU Experience Center" is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

For Instructional questions - about your Zoom setup or anything else - contact SILC Instructional Support at silcis@asu.edu.