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Zoom Equipment Setup - Type A, B, C - University Classrooms

Zoom - SILC Assembly - 08-18-2020:


Note: Zoom Ambassadors will only need to study the material for the classroom Type(s) that they will be in. (A, B, and/or C)


Training List:

1. ASU Sync Classroom Technology - Presentation 

  • This will give you a good overview of the Zoom Setups that are available in the University classrooms:
  • Note, that the A, B, and C designations are very general.  For instance, For two different "Type A" rooms, the capabilities should be the same, but the equipment may be somewhat different. 
  • Also, See the "Zoom setups that will be available in ASU classrooms" document at https://silc.asu.edu/is/resourcesandlinks



2. UTO Orientation(s) for Type A, B, and C Rooms 

  • ASU Sync website - https://provost.asu.edu/sync/faculty
    • "Classroom In-person Group Orientation Sessions"
    • and / or
    • “Classroom Virtual Visits"
  • This should give you a decent overview of the equipment in each of the room types.
  • Attend one session for each type of room that you will be using.
  • As of last week, the In-Person and Virtual sessions were just two different ways to attend the same session.


3. Classroom Zoom Setups - Getting Started instructions (A, B, and C setups)

  • This includes "step-by-step directions",  "Printable Directions", and "Video Overviews". 


4. Request a "Classroom Scheduled Technology Orientation Session"

  • The page says "You can schedule a 30 minute training and one of our friendly staff members will meet you in the room to give instruction on how to operate the Audiovisual equipment in the classroom."


5. Videos from LSS

  • We are hoping to create a few short videos that will walk you through different basic aspects of the room setup.  For instance, "At the Beginning of Class in Type A Rooms - In-Person Instructor", "At the Beginning of Class in Type A Rooms - Remote Instructor".


6. Videos of previous live SILC LSS sessions 

  • See above, at the top of the page.


7. ThinkSpace - Live!

  • We will have a session or more later this week, and possibly next week, based on need.  
  • More information will be sent as soon as we have sessions set up.
  • Basic setups, scenarios, and questions


  • In-Class:

    • Contact the "ASU Experience Center" (help desk) during class for help with the equipment in the room.  See https://uto.asu.edu/experiencecenter for contact information.  

    • Help from the "ASU Experience Center" is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

  • For Instructional questions - about your Zoom setup or anything else - contact SILC Instructional Support at silcis@asu.edu.