SPAGrad shall represent all students admitted to the graduate program in the Spanish Department of ASU. SPAGrad will provide a voice for graduate student concerns and will promote better-informed decisions regarding life within the Spanish Department. SPAGrad representatives will serve as direct liaisons with the Spanish Department faculty and administrators, the Graduate College and University governance.

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Message from the President

President of SpaGrad

We would like to say how deeply honored we are to serve as President and Vice-President of the Spanish Graduate Student association. We recognize
and value the great responsibility to lead this important organization. Our aim is to represent Spanish Graduate students in the school of international letters and cultures and serve as spokespersons on behalf of all SPAGrad members in appropriate university affairs.  

  • Alejandro Lopez Villegas, President
  • Lillie Essah, Vice President
  • Cindy Bonilla, Treasurer
  • Dr. Jesus Rosales, Faculty Advisor

SPAGrad Committees

  1. Literature conference committeeEdurne Beltrán de Heredia Carmona
  2. Linguistics Conference committeeMaría OcandoLluis AlgueTimothy Ashe Jr
  3. Film festival committee: Diana Díaz GómezTimothy Ashe Jr.

The Film Festival Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, securing funds and hosting a film festival in order to maintain an understanding of current cinema in Spain and Latin America, while also providing the possibility of future teaching materials, the festival should include contemporary Spanish and Latin Films.

  1. Mentoring/community outreachAngélica Amezcua

The Peer Mentoring Committee plans, coordinates and publicizes the Peer Mentoring program for SPAGrad each semester. Peer Mentoring aims to pair new Spanish Graduate TAs/RAs with experienced graduate students, and requires that committee members keep a running list of those students involved, pair students appropriately, and follow up with mentored pairs of students.

  1. Journal committeeRosita ScerboMariana Ruiz Rentería

The Journal Committee organizes, creates and maintains the digital Journal. The Committee is in charge of keeping the SPAGrad Journal functioning and current by inviting and encouraging ASU Spanish Graduate Students and other academic professionals to publish their own current research and articles.

  1. Travel/Grants: Nancy GómezFred AgbemadeSilvana Domaz

This committee is to administer and fund SPAGrad travel grants, as needed, in both the fall and spring semesters. Duties include promoting and distributing travel grant applications, setting deadlines, reviewing applications, and distributing the funds if available. 

  1. Social committee: Xiomara Núñez RodríguezMiriam Carpenter CosandOfelia Montelongo.

The Social Committee plans, coordinates and promotes social functions for SPAGrad each semester.

Circunloquios Journal

Circunloquios: revista de investigaciones culturales surge como fusión y continuación de las revistas Solaluna literaria (2011) y Solaluna académica (2012). De esta manera se consolida como un espacio académico de discusión sobre las diferentes expresiones culturales en España, Latinoamérica y los Estados Unidos. Esta revista nace bajo el signo de la investigaciones culturales en general, pero con un interés particular en las investigaciones sobre la literatura, el cine y la fotografía. 

Los artículos publicados en Circunloquios son revisados por expertos en la materia. Invitamos a que nos envíen artículos para los próximos números dentro del campo de los estudios culturales hispánicos, lusobrasileños y chicanos. Los artículos pueden estar escritos en español, portugués o inglés.

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Linguistic Conference

Journal of Linguistics

SPAGrad Literature Conference

Call for Papers

The Spanish Graduate Student Association (SPAGrad) at Arizona State University invites you to participate in its 21st Annual Literature, Culture, and Visual Arts Conference. This year, our conference explores new critical and interdisciplinary approaches as they relate to visual and artistic studies in literary and cultural production.

Abstract Submission Form

“Visual and Artistic Manifestations in Cultural and Literary Studies”