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Startalk Program

Startalk Program

Dates: June 7 -June 21, 2020

Location: ASU Tempe campus

Cost and Fee: This program is largely sponsored by STARTALK. Accepted applicants will pay a $150 non-refundable fee upon acceptance of the program.

Eligibility: Current 8th-12th graders and college freshmen in Arizona schools and colleges whose proficiency level of Chinese language ranges from zero to intermediate. 

Application Deadline: Space is limited. Applications must be submitted online by Friday, April 10, 2020. (see application below)

Description:  ASU Chinese Language Camp: From STARTALK to Flagship offers a 15-day intensive residential program for motivated current 8th-12th grade students in Arizona. This program provides a great opportunity for both heritage and non-heritage learners to explore and expand their knowledge in Chinese language and culture through a highly structured theme- and task-based curriculum. During the program, students will receive instructions in Chinese language and participate in fun, hands-on cultural activities. After the program, students will commit to continuing their Chinese language learning.

The program boasts a living-learning setting, where participants gain first-hand college life experience on the ASU Tempe campus during the summer. All evening activities are monitored and supervised by resident advisors who reside in the residence hall with students. We hope that through this summer camp, high school students will see the value and fun of learning and exploring the language and culture beyond a structured classroom setting and eventually become life-long learners of Chinese language.


Contact us at chinesestartalk@asu.edu | facebook

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Student Application:
Teacher Recommendation form--Please fill out online.