Stephen Bokenkamp
Regents Professor, Chinese

Bokenkamp specializes in the study of medieval Chinese Daoism, with a special emphasis on its literatures and its relations with Buddhism.

Sarah Bolmarcich
Lecturer, MY, Classics

Bolmarcich was born and raised in Philadelphia and came to ASU in fall 2010. She works on ancient Greek international relations and diplomacy.

Durham Hall 402C School of International Letters and Cultures
Concetta Bondi

Concetta Bondi holds a Masters degree in Spanish from McGill University, Canada and completed her PhD in Chicanx Studies at Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona).

Esther Borbon
Instructor, French

Her interests in linguistics include phonology acquisition and early childhood language acquisition.

Mark Brantley
Business Operations Manager

Brantley admitted to the AZ & NY Bars, oversees SILC business operations including but not limited to: revenue management, budget development, human resources management, facilities management and purchasing & procurement.

Graduate Teaching Associate, Spanish
Giuseppe Candela
LL 447C
Grad Teaching Associate, Spanish
Frederic Canovas
Faculty Head of French and Italian and Assoc Professor, French

Dr. Canovas specializes in the study of French poetry and narrative from Baudelaire to surrealism.

School of International Letters and Cultures Homer Durham Language and Literature Building
Grad Teaching Associate, Spanish
Austin Cary
Instructor, ASL
School of International Letters and Cultures
Carla Violeta Celaya
Grad Teaching Associate
Alvaro Cerron-Palomino
Faculty Head of Linguistics and Associate Professor, Spanish

Álvaro Cerrón-Palomino's teaching and research interests include variationist sociolinguistics, dialectology, and historical linguistics.

Grad Teaching Associate, Spanish
Hannah Cheloha
Lecturer, ASL

Cheloha's work focuses on online curriculum development and teaching of American Sign Language and related topics.

Huaiyu Chen
Assoc Professor

Chen teaches Buddhism and Chinese Religions at ASU. He has published on Buddhist monasticism and the interactions between Buddhism and Christianity. He is finishing up two book project on Buddhism.

School of Hist, Phil, and Rel Studies Arizona State University
Grad Teaching Associate, Chinese
Audrey Chery
Instructor, French

Chery is a French instructor at ASU. Born and raised in Nancy (France), she moved to Arizona shortly after graduating high school to pursue her education at ASU.



No employees found.
Hiroko Hino
Instructor, Japanese

Hino has a long teaching career in Japanese in various institutions and universities in Japan, Australia, and the U.S. Her research interests center on Systemic Functional Linguistics which views language as social semiotics.

Hilde Hoogenboom
Assoc Professor, Russian

Head of the Russian section, Hoogenboom teaches language, literature, and culture. An expert on Catherine the Great, she researches noble service culture, civil society, duty, sentimentalism, book history, and women writers.

Pamela Howard
Lecturer, MY, ASL

Pamela Howard is a lecturer in speech-language in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science in the College of Health Solutions. Her research interests are in American Sign Language and Deaf culture.

COOR 2262
Eva Humbeck
Instructor, German

Eva Humbeck is an instructor of German language in the School of International Letters and Culture at Arizona State University. Her academic interests reach from poetry to modern literature to cultural change in Germany.

School of International Letters and Cultures Arizona State University
Nicole Johannson
Instructor, French

Johannson exclusively works with the ASU Online program, teaching both intermediate and beginner French courses.

Christopher Johnson
Associate Professor of Spanish, German, and Comparative Literature

Johnson's teaching and research interests range widely, but mainly focus on the literatures and cultures of early modern Spain, Germany, England, and the Americas.

Languages and Literatures Bldg 851 S Cady Mall
Instructor, Spanish

Johnson teaches Spanish and coordinates first and second-year Spanish, including supervising Teaching Assistants.

Isaac Joslin
Asst Professor, French - Contemporary Francophone Literature and Culture

Joslin's interdisciplinary research on African literature and film combine aesthetic theories of representation and socio-cultural interpretations of texts in order to reimagine global discourses within a humanistic framework

Tomoko Katayama
Faculty Assoc

Katayama teaches different levels of elementary Japanese.

Assoc Professor, Chinese
851 S Cady Mall
Miroslawa Krajdocha-Oginska
Faculty Assoc

Oginska has been teaching Introductory and Intermediate Polish at ASU since 2008. She is also a member of the faculty of Barrett, The Honors College.

Judit Kroo
Asst Professor, Modern Japanese Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies

Kroo is a sociocultural linguist whose work examines how younger adults in Japan and Korea contest dominant ideologies governing ‘the good life', creating alternative spatialities on and off line.

851 S Cady Mall
Sara Lee
Lecturer, MY, German

Lee is a teacher of German who specializes in language learning with disabilities/dyslexia, bilingual learning, and teaching methodology.

851 Cady Mall
Jianling Liao
Director of Chinese Flagship Program and Asst Professor, Chinese

Liao's research focuses on the interlanguage development in the dimensions of L2 writing and and speaking abilities.

Xiaoqiao Ling
Assoc Professor, Chinese

Ling specializes in late imperial Chinese literature and culture, book history, and the print culture.

Donald Livingston
Lecturer Sr, MY, Russian

Livingston has studied 13 languages, worked as teacher, translator (avionics), and yoga instructor. He oversees study abroad programs, designs computer-aided language learning materials, and strums the guitar.

LL 647a (early morning) CPCOM 340 (late morning and afternoon)
Norma Lopez
Instructor, Spanish
Deborah Losse

Losse was named dean of humanities in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in May 2004. She was a professor of French with primary area of research and teaching in French Renaissance literature.

Miral Mahgoub
Assoc Professor, Arabic

Mahgoub al-Tahawy is an award-winning Egyptian novelist and short story writer, and affiliated member of the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at ASU.

Kristi McAuliffe
Instructor, German

McAuliffe teaches German at ASU. She received her doctorate in German from Pennsylvania State University in 2014.

Shannon McHale
Instructor, French

McHale holds an master's in French Literature and teaches beginner- and intermediate-level French courses. She has lived and worked in francophone Europe.

Instructor, Spanish
Enrico Minardi
Lecturer Sr, MY, Italian

Originally from Italy, he completed his undergraduate studies in Florence, and his graduate studies in France and the US. Besides ASU, he has taught at Duke University and Truman State.

Durham Hall 302C 851 S. Cady Mall 87020
Francoise Mirguet
Assoc Professor, Ancient Hebrew and the History of Emotions

Mirguet's research focuses on emotions and the history of the self in early Jewish literature. She teaches, among other courses, Biblical Hebrew, ancient Jewish literature, and the history of emotions.

Arizona State University School of International Letters and Cultures
Saule Moldabekova Robb
Lecturer Sr, Russian

Moldabekova's research interests include heritage and second language pedagogy, including theoretical and practical issues of teaching heritage language learners.

Instructor, ASL
851 S Cady Mall PO Box 10643
Yukari Nakamura-Deacon
Instructor, Japanese
851 S Cady Mall
Melissa Negron
Instructor, Spanish

Negron has taught different levels of Spanish language courses for L2 and heritage language learners in hybrid and online formats. Her research interests focus on sociolinguistics and heritage language pedagogy.

An Nguyen SAKACH
Lecturer, Vietnamese
851 S Cady Mall
Bomi Oh
Lecturer, Korean MY

Oh has developed the curricula for a sequential first-year, second-year, and fourth-year Korean language program as well as the corresponding materials.

Young Oh
Assoc Professor, Chinese

Oh works on the cultural connection among East Asian societies, with particular foci on the language and the book.

LL 306A
Ana Hedberg Olenina
Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Media Studies

Olenina specializes in Russian literature and visual culture, as well as media theory with an emphasis on performance and embodied spectatorship.

ASU School of International Letters and Cultures Durham Language and Literature Building, LL 404-E
Ileana Orlich
President's Professor, Romanian

Orlich is a well-known speaker in China, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, the UK, and Romania on cultural, political and gender relations, nationalism and ethnic conflict.

LL 645B
Helene Ossipov

Helene Ossipov received a bachelor's in Russian literature from Queens College of CUNY, a master's in Russian area studies, and a master's and a doctorate in French linguistics from Indiana University.

Sandra Palaich
Lecturer Sr, Italian

Palaich teaches all levels of language and culture courses in the Italian field.

Julieta Paulesc
Lecturer, MY, Romanian

Paulesc's research interests include cultural studies, language and identity, migration studies, storytelling and Eastern European film.

Durham Hall, 402 F
Gina Pietrantoni
Instructor, Italian

Pietrantoni is interested in the development of language and cultural proficiency and the development of instructional materials.

Lecturer Sr, Portuguese
851 S Cady Mall
Lesley Poteet
Lecturer, MY, French

Lesley Poteet teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on French language, literature and francophone cultures.

Almira Poudrier
Lecturer Sr, MY, Latin

Poudrier teaches Latin language courses as well as ancient Greek and Roman myth, history, religion, and culture. She is involved in many service and outreach activities like Fall Forum and the ACMRS Latin Research Group.

LL 164B
Paul Quinn
Lecturer, MY, ASL

Quinn is a lecturer in ASU's School of International Letters and Cultures.

School of International Letters and Cultures PO BOX 870202
Christiane Reves
Lecturer, German

Reves teaches lower division coordinator in the German group at ASU. Her primary research interests are migration, networks and culture transfer.

Sarah Risha
Lecturer Sr, Arabic

Risha is an educator with a leading personality. She enjoys developing teaching methodologies; works hard to update her teaching experiences to fit her students’ needs and active participant in school’s activities.

Caridad Rodriguez Torres
Instructor, Spanish

Rodriguez has been teaching at ASU since 2001, including lower and upper division Spanish language classes.

LL 40
Jesus Rosales
Assoc Professor, Spanish

Rosales' research focuses on Chicano literature and culture with an emphasis on Chicano literary history and Chicano narrative written in Spanish.

Carmen Scales
LL 413 A
Judith Shemer
Senior Lecturer, MY, Hebrew

In 2008, Shemer started at ASU where she developed the Modern Hebrew program from the ground up, which includes language courses, cultural courses, and a study abroad in Israel.

Lecturer Sr, MY, Japanese

Tomoko Shimomura is a Senior Lecturer in the Japanese Program at the School of International Letters and Cultures. She is a coordinator of the Japanese language program and teaches all levels of Japanese language courses.

DH 307F


David Parks
Learning Support Services Head
LL 41a
Larisa Slacke
Academic Success Advisor
Centerpoint - Suite 105
Isabel Spino
Department HR Specialist
Louis Wigley
Academic Success Coordinator

Wigley has worked in higher education, in various roles, in Germany for nearly 9 years, and at Arizona State University for the last 11 years.

1000 S Forest Mall L1-05C


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    Elizabeth Wong

    After an undergraduate degree in literature and languages, Wong went to Japan and studied Japanese and taught English, followed by graduate study in Japanese literature in the U.S.


    Wong has taught courses in modern Mandarin, Chinese fiction, bibliography, and literary translation at ASU.



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