Spanish Competitions

Role plays Levels 1 & 2

Role plays Levels 3 & 4

Situation strategies for teachers to help students prepare for role play

Rubric for all levels

Recommendation: Show evaluation rubric to students before recording so that they realize that grammar is only one category out of five! This may motivate students to speak more and show their fluidity!

Link to submit a link to a video for competition

Link to schedule a meeting with Anne Walton-Ramirez via Zoom to discuss our Spanish program here at ASU or to have your class do a mock interview with me for extra practice. I am doing this in lieu of the Spanish table this year, and the dates are different- please note!

Registered schools/teachers will receive a submission link via email on March 20th to upload submissions. The link will be open for submissions until 5:00 PM, March 25th.

For any questions regarding the Spanish Competitions, please email Anne Walton-Ramirez at

Competition Information

**NOTE: There are competitions specifically for heritage speakers. 

Role Plays and Impromptu Situations: for Levels 1, 2, 3, 4
Practice with students giving them a similar format for situations, but NOT with the exact situation presented. Students receive situations to act out. Each group picks a situation randomly and has about 5 minutes to prepare.  The groups will converse for 3-4 minutes. The recording is ONLY of the presentation and should not include preparation. Recording should not exceed 5 minutes.

Student-created Skits and Known Plays: for Levels 5, 6, 7, 8 (non-native OR heritage)
The students will create a skit or prepare a known play for this competition.  They will be acting out their rehearsed performance. The play should be 10 minutes or less in length.

Role plays - Remember that there should be spontaneous speech, not scripted. No reading allowed. This should be a conversation with authentic responses from group partners. The idea is for the students to pick a situation at random 5 minutes before they present.