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Intensive language courses are proficiency-oriented courses designed to achieve the maximum level of proficiency in a dynamic communicative environment. The class time is spent on a variety of fast-paced activities, focused especially on the development of speaking skills.

Why take an intensive course?

Why take an intensive course?

Achieve an intermediate level of proficiency after only two semesters of study!

  • Proficiency-based intensive language courses are designed to get you to start speaking the language very quickly, by creating a mini-immersion environment in the classroom. Enjoy lots of personalized attention in a class shared with other equally motivated students.

Study language and culture in a dynamic and challenging environment!

  • Get plenty of exposure to authentic materials and media from the target language culture from day one. Engage in real-life situations on a daily basis and learn about cultural practices and products of the countries whose language you are studying.

Gain important skills for today’s globalized world!

  • Complete the language requirement in just two semesters, and then crown your study with a summer study abroad program. This way you can very easily minor or double-major in the foreign language and get a serious edge in your future search for employment.

What is the work load for the intensive courses?

What is the work load for the intensive courses?

French, German, Italian and Spanish

  • 6 credit courses (FRE 110, FRE 210; GER 110, GER 210; ITA 110, ITA 210; SPA 110, SPA 210)

  • Classes meet four days a week for 75 minutes each day. The material in one intensive course covers two semesters of regular courses.

  • To maximize language learning, a robust online program will be used to support students throughout the semester.

  • The amount of time you will spend studying at home depends on your linguistic aptitude, self-discipline and your attitude toward studying. In order to be successful in an intensive course, you must study regularly and prepare for each class.

Chinese and Japanese

  • 8 credit courses (CHI 110 and CHI 210, JPN 110 and JPN 210)

  • Classes meet five days a week for 80 minutes each day.

  • Cover a similar amount of material as the regular first and second year classes (101, 102, 201 and 202).

  • Focus more on character recognition than character production in CHI 110 and CHI 210.

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