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Domestic Course Requirements

All Flagship students will complete their major requirements alongside Flagship requirements at ASU. Students may pursue any major or minor while participating in the Flagship program. Students are required to take an additional 18 credits* on top of their major or minor requirements:

  • CHI 307 Literary Chinese (3 credits)
  • CHI 407 Chinese for Academic and Professional Purposes I (3 credits)
  • CHI 408 Chinese for Academic and Professional Purposes II (3 credits)
  • 2 Upper-division Chinese content courses (3 credits each)
  • 2 Chinese writing modules (1 credit each)
  • 1 Cultural preparation course (1 credit)

Students are not required to take first-year, second-year, third year, or fourth-year Chinese language coures though they are highly recommended to do so.

Heritage speakers or students with prior Chinese language background should request a language placement test so they can accelerate their plan of study. Placement tests are diagnostic test which, upon completion, will provide a recommended course level for an ASU language course, such as 101, 102, 201, 202, etc. Click here to submit a language placement request.

*Chinese majors or minors may be able to apply these credits simultaneously towards their major and Flagship requirements to accelerate their plan of study. Please consult with your academic advisor for more details.