Blood Donor

My name is Ariana Afshari, a student within SOLS majoring in Neurobiology and am the Tempe Campus Director of Health and Wellness within Undergraduate Student Government. I am leading a Covid rescue team sponsored through Vitalant to promote ASU students and faculty to donate blood this month. Blood Drives are experiencing extreme shortages during the pandemic. They can join my rescue team by following the link (
 to pledge to donate lifesaving blood to patients within our community and it will allow you to set up an appointment at any event on campus or near campus that works for you!! There will be a USG blood drive on January 26th at Desert Financial Arena if you are an on-campus student! All donations will include a FREE antibody test letting you know if you have had COVID-19 previously!
Here is the advertisement, it would be awesome if you guys could feature it with the link in any upcoming newsletters or with other employee to donate blood!!! If not, no worries! Have a wonderful day and great start to break !!