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Experience Life at ASU

College is a time to learn and to experience new things. As a student in the School of International Letters and Cultures, you’ll attend classes that expose you to new cultures and languages. Then, your education will continue outside the classroom when you take advantage of on-campus international guest speakers, intensive language study and mentorship opportunities. 

You’ll also have the chance to culturally enrich your daily life should you choose to live in the ASU Global Village residential community. And of the hundreds of student organizations, 20 are based in the School of International Letters and Cultures. However you choose to get involved, you’ll make lifelong friends, develop leadership skills, engage in community service, challenge yourself and grow personally.

Beyond the Classroom

Campus Life

Life at ASU is exciting and vibrant. You’ll do more than attend classes. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from on-campus international guest speakers, and don’t forget to explore the 20 student organizations based in the School of International Letters and Cultures. Plus, when you live in the ASU Global Village residential community, you’ll live with students from various cultures who share your global mindset and love of learning about languages and cultures.

Academic Advising

Academic advisors within the School of International Letters and Cultures are here to help you successfully transition to university life and make progress toward your educational and career goals. An advisor’s guidance can help you understand curricula, policies and procedures as well as identify academic and career goals, create and implement plans, and assume responsibility for your education. We’re here to help you succeed at ASU and beyond!

Study Abroad Opportunities

An investment in your academic and professional future, studying abroad gives you the chance to experience and study language and culture first-hand while earning credit toward your degree. From China to Brazil to Kuwait, the School of International Letters and Cultures offers 15 faculty-directed summer study abroad programs and endorses several carefully selected, high-quality international exchange and partnership programs. Our study abroad programs are among the longest-running and most prestigious at ASU.

International Internships

In addition to the chance to gain work experience, fine-tune a career path and create a network of contacts, some internships may qualify for college credit. Where the credits apply will depend on what percentage of the internship is conducted in a foreign language. We welcome interns pursuing majors, minors or certificates in journalism, communications, writing, English, translation, graphic design, computer science, photography, global studies and more.
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Outreach Opportunities

We are committed to providing the community with opportunities for language and culture instruction and experiences. The Fall Forum in Classics brings more than 150 high school students studying ancient Greek and Latin to the Tempe campus for the day to discover what ASU has to offer in Classics education. And each spring we host a Language Fair for more than 1,000 high school students. The Language Fair provides students the opportunity to compete and demonstrate their foreign language proficiency, and to experience a range of cultures and languages.
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