ASU students can expand their horizons with unique certificates


Murphy Raine McGary

ASU students can expand their interests by combining various fields within their education, reports The State Press in an article on April 9.  

With more than 240 minors and certificates to choose from, students can customize their college careers as they choose. One example of a minor or certificate that can provide students the opportunity to take courses outside of their respective majors, is the international cinema certificate in the School of International Letters and Cultures.

The certificate allows students to study various subjects through the medium of film. The program began enrolling students in fall 2017, and there are plans to continue growing it, according to Dan Gilfillan, international cinema certificate founder and professor in the School of International Letters and Cultures. 

“The certificate was designed with the idea to introduce students to and give them the opportunity to explore international cinema,” Gilfillan said. “It’s a unique way to enter into those world cultures through film.”