"Demand for bilingual skills is not limited to one end of the skills spectrum but instead is spread across the economy as a whole."
- New American Economy

Languages Across ASU

20+ languages are taught at the School of International Letters & Cultures, on the West Campus, and the Downtown Campus. American Sign Language is taught through the School of International Letters & Cultures.

Navajo and O’odham are offered in the School of American Indian Studies. The Melikian Center offers courses in Slavic and several less-commonly taught languages.

Language competency and knowledge of other cultures add value to a broad range of professions—and the experience of life on our planet!

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What can you do with a degree in language and culture?

Anything! Learning a language, studying culture, and participating in study abroad provides skills for every career path.

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Where you can study language at ASU

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Languages @ ASU


of surveyed executive recruiters believe bilingualism is critical to global business success.


spoken, written, and signed languages taught across ASU.


campuses where you can learn a language.