Update Your Course in Canvas

Update Your Course in Canvas

Canvas provides a main place for students to go to for information and expectations, it makes turning in assignments easier and more efficient, and if for some reason ASU needs us to return to a ASU Sync Only (remote) teaching model, you will already have everything set up.

  • Request a Canvas course shell (see the step-by-step guide).

  • In your Canvas course, create a new Page (see the Canvas New Page tutorial).

    • Your Homepage should minimally include:

      • A short course description.

      • An instructor image with contact Info (including Zoom link) and brief bio.

      • A video that shows how students can navigate Canvas.  If you have any questions about this, please contact us at silcis@asu.edu

      • A “getting started” section with 1-3 things they should do before anything else.

      • And for Fall 2020, a description of how your course will be meeting throughout the semester.

    • Click on the link to view a template of a generic SILC Online Course.

  • Once you have created a new page for your home page, you will need to designate it as the “front page” for your course (see the Canvas Setting a Front Page tutorial).

    • If you automatically see that page when you open the course, you are done.

    • If you don’t see it, you will need to also tell Canvas that you want to use a Front Page as your HomePage (see the Canvas Changing Your Course Home Page tutorial).

  • Embed your most up to date syllabus on the Syllabus page (see the Embedding Your Syllabus in Canvas Instruction Guide).

  • Customize the course Navigation (see the Canvas Course Navigation tutorial)

    • Hide any of the navigation links that you don’t want students to have access to (e.g. They don’t need access to both modules and assignments.  Usually all they need is Home, Announcements, Syllabus, Modules, and Grades).


Instruction Preparation:

  1. Understand Your Classroom Space

  2. Check Your Personal Technology

  3. Update Your Syllabus

  4. Update Your Course in Canvas

  5. Align Your Syllabus and Canvas Gradebook