Understand Your Classroom Space

Understand Your Classroom Space

Many of the teaching strategies we recommend will depend upon the type of classroom space scheduled for your course. 

  • Find out in which location your course is scheduled.

    • This information can be found by looking at the My Classes section of My ASU, under "View My Schedule".

      • If a physical classroom location is listed (e.g. DH 210), then this will be an "ASU Sync/In-Person" class. 
      • If the location includes "ASUSYNC", e.g. Tempe-ASUSYNCT, this is an "ASU Sync Only" class and will be conducted entirely via Zoom.
    • Please note that our building, once called the G. Homer Durham Language and Literature (LL) Building has been renamed Durham Hall (DH).  So if you see a classroom listed as DH, it is in our building.

    • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the classroom assigned to your course, please contact Vesna Markovich (vesna.markovich@asu.edu).

  •  Look at the physical space as soon as you can and consider some of the following questions.

    • How will you spread students out?  (no more than 50% of max room capacity)

    • Can you have the whole class in there and still spread out?

    • Are there places in the room to have small groups gather for group activities?

    • Are you close enough to the ground floor that some or all of the groups could work outside and then come back in for sharing?

    • This ASU Tempe Campus University Classrooms document provides maximum capacities for all Tempe classrooms.
  • Where is the classroom technology and how does it work?

    • SILC is looking into hiring "Technical Assistants" to help with the new room setups.  More information will be coming shortly...
    • Where are the cameras located and what aspects of the room do they see?

    • Where are the microphones and how much sound do they pick up?

    • Where should you stand so that you can engage both the in-person students and those viewing remotely?

    • How will you share information with students?  Will the remote students clearly see the  blackboard/whiteboard? Do you feel comfortable using the Zoom whiteboard and/or sharing your screen?

    • If the technology in the room isn’t working, contact ASU Classroom Support.


Instruction Preparation:

  1. Understand Your Classroom Space

  2. Check Your Personal Technology

  3. Update Your Syllabus

  4. Update Your Course in Canvas

  5. Align Your Syllabus and Canvas Gradebook