Spring 2021 Instruction


We know instruction for the academic year looks a little different, but both ASU and SILC have a vision to help us accomplish our shared goals. The purpose of this resource site is to provide SILC faculty and instructors with strategies to best accomplish these combined visions. If you encounter any challenges or have any questions, please contact us at silcis@asu.edu.

ASU Vision

  • During each class session, ASU expects some students to be in the classroom and some attending remotely via Zoom ("ASU Sync").  This holds true even if the instructor is teaching remotely.
  • The ASU class search page states - “Unless otherwise noted, all on-campus, in-person spring 2021 classes will include class sessions that you will attend in-person and/or class sessions you will attend remotely, through ASU Sync.”
  • The "ASU Sync for Students" page - https://provost.asu.edu/sync/students - lists the expectations for "In-Person" and "ASU Sync".


SILC Vision

Provide SILC faculty with practical and thoughtful approaches that will engage learners in the new In-person / ASU Sync landscape. 


What We Know

  • Each in-person and hybrid class will have an occupancy cap of 50% of the normal cap for that room.
  • Faculty are expected to determine which students will attend in-person on which days and  communicate that schedule with their students.   The remaining students will attend via Zoom.
  • Students can choose to attend classes via ASU Sync, at any time. 
  • ASU Sync refers to attending and/or teaching classes via Zoom.
  • All ASU classrooms are equipped with technology for Zoom sessions.  (Type "A", "B", and C" rooms.)
  • Everyone is required to wear a face cover while in ASU buildings and in outdoor community spaces where social distancing isn’t possible.


Please look at the Resources and Links page for links to key ASU websites, classroom capability and capacity lists, a presentation on the three Zoom equipment setups that will be available in the ASU classrooms, Online Tools that are available, etc.