Check Your Personal Technology

Check Your Personal Technology

Regardless of the instruction mode, your courses will now rely heavily on technology.  There are many applications available that can foster the types of activities you typically use in your courses.  The SILC Instructional Support team ( would be happy to discuss ways in which these technologies can help foster learning in your classroom.

However, because of how many new things we are being asked to integrate in the upcoming semester, it is perfectly acceptable to focus on the technologies with which you already feel comfortable.  If you choose to focus solely on Canvas and Zoom, that is perfectly fine.

  • Update your Zoom Application (In general:  Click on the Zoom application on your computer, then or your initials up in the top right corner of the application, then choose Check for Updates on the drop down menu).

  • Determine what your Zoom Personal Meeting ID is (see video tutorial), if you don’t already have that information.  This is the room that your students will enter when they click the "Attend via Sync" button in "My Classes".

  • Review your Zoom settings to ensure you have enabled (or disabled) key security and learning features (see the following YouTube video on Zoom Advanced Features.).

  • Ensure you have a quality Internet connection at home as needed.

    • Consider getting an Ethernet cable and adapter for a direct connection rather than via Wi-Fi.

    • OR Consider moving your workspace closer to your Wi-Fi router and ensuring no one else is online when you are.

    • AND Consider contacting the ASU help desk with any questions about the quality of your home setup.
  • Use headphones to help filter out ambient background noise and reduce the chance of echos.

  • Determine what your backup plan will be if your Internet or Zoom connection goes down when you are scheduled to meet with students. (e.g. If the instructor does not show up after X minutes, students will do the following instead . . . ).


Instruction Preparation:

  1. Understand Your Classroom Space

  2. Check Your Personal Technology

  3. Update Your Syllabus

  4. Update Your Course in Canvas

  5. Align Your Syllabus and Canvas Gradebook