Spanish Pedagogy (Graduate Certificate)

The certificate in Spanish language pedagogy enables practicing teachers and graduate students to understand the process of Spanish language acquisition and learn cutting-edge teaching methodologies to make sound pedagogical decisions that lead to effective teaching and learning. Students gain competence in designing effective and engaging Spanish language lessons for their students and learn to be sensitive to the needs of students with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, such as heritage learners. They will be able to design accurate assessment measurements, writing assignments and culture-based lessons, as well as utilize modern technologies to enhance Spanish language education.

7 Core Faculty
83% Funded
18 Credits

Degree Overview

This certificate allows ASU to meet the local, regional, and national need to provide professional development to practicing teachers of Spanish in K12, community colleges, or at the university level. Teachers in Arizona who are interested in continuing their professional development in both Spanish Language Pedagogy and Spanish language proficiency can pursue this certificate.

How to apply

All candidates for the Spanish Pedagogy certificate must fulfill the general requirements of the Graduate College concerning admission and residence. Please visit here to learn about what materials are needed to apply.

Applications for the Fall semester are due by January 15.

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Teachers can pursue graduate degree work in Spanish teaching methodologies, second language acquisition, heritage language pedagogy, computer-assisted language teaching, applied linguistics, and the teaching of literature and culture. Graduate students will benefit from this extensive academic preparation in the teaching of Spanish.

Students are required to complete the following:

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
Core Courses3
Restricted Electives9
Total Credit Hours Required18

Courses and electives

The coursework for each student is individualized and based upon the student's previous training, and mentor consensus. Students will take core courses and electives based on their interest in Spanish Pedagogy.

1- Core Course:

  • SPA 596 Second Language Methodologies

3- Restricted Electives:

  • SPA 543 Structure of Spanish
  • SPA 546 Heritage Language Pedagogy
  • SPA 598 Topic: Spanish Second Language Acquisition

2- Electives:

  • ENG 557 Computer-Assisted Language Learning
  • LIN 523 Language Testing & Assessment
  • LIN 524 Curriculum Design & Materials Development
  • SPA 542 Studies in Spanish in the Southwest
  • SPA 598 Topic: Bilingualism
  • SPA 598 Topic: Language Program Administration
  • SPA 598 Topic: Sociolinguistics
  • SPA 598 Topic: Spanish Applied Linguistics
  • SPA 598 Topic: Teaching Language through Culture and Literature