French Linguistics, MA

This program is not accepting applications at this time.

Commit yourself to pursuing a Master of Arts in French Linguistics, focusing on language, literature or comparative literature. Keep yourself open to the variety of opportunities this degree could offer you!

As you develop the skills to analyze French linguistics and culture, you can also take advantage of a number of our clubs, events and professional development opportunities. However you decide to immerse yourself in the French language and culture, you can be assured that our faculty and staff always have the resources you need.

While studying French linguistics, you will be exposed to the language as well as the French culture and society. You will work alongside distinguished faculty who teach a variety of different aspects of the French language and literature, preparing you for a variety of career opportunities upon graduation.

With this degree, students can confidently move into academic and international fields. You will serve as an expert on whatever topics you concentrate on. This prepares you to work in a classroom, professional contexts and be a resource for a broad community. 

18 Core Faculty
2 years to degree
30 Credits

Degree Overview

The 30-hour program of study includes an applied project and written comprehensive exam. Prospective masters candidates should have a passion and interest in French linguistics, teaching and have demonstrated knowledge of the French language.

How to apply

All candidates for the masters in French linguistics must fulfill the general requirements of the Graduate College concerning admission and residence. Please visit here to learn about what materials are needed to apply.

 Applications for the Fall semester are due by April 15.

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The School of International Letters and Cultures' 30 credit hour master's program offers training in innovative, mentored research that is tailored to the unique needs of the student. Master's students will develop expertise in research methods. The program also offers a breadth of courses in the structure of the French language.

Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
Core Courses6
Required Electives18
Culminating Experience3
Total Credit Hours30

Courses and electives

The coursework for each student is individualized and based upon the student's previous training, research goals, and mentor and committee consensus. Students will take core courses, electives, and seminars based on their interest in linguistics.  Our program requires students to participate in the development of their applied project.

2- Core Courses in:

  • FRE 500 Bibliography and Research Methods
  • FRE 598 Topic: Structure de la langue française

Required Electives

One (1) linguistics course offered by another unit (English, Anthropology, Computer Science, etc.)

Two (2) non-linguistics courses in the French M.A. Program, of which one course must be in the Literature program.

A minimum of three (3) courses offered by the French section. Suggested courses are listed below: additional courses may be offered if the circumstances and opportunities to do so arise.

  • FRE521 History of the French Language
  • FRE598 Topic: French Syntax
  • FRE598 Topic: French Phonology
  • FRE 598 Topic: The French in North America 

List of Electives Available


  • FRE 598 Topic: The Economics and Politics of French Colonization

  • FRE 598 Topic: France In Europe

  • FRE 598 Topic: French Civilization I

  • FRE 598 Topic: French Civilization II

  • FRE 598 Topic: The French in North America

  • FRE 598 Topic: French Women in Arts and Society

  • FRE 598 Topic: Haiti: History and Culture

  • FRE 598 Topic: Myth, Media, Society

  • FRE 598 Topic: Paris and Florence in the Middle Ages


  • FRE 521 History of the French Language

  • FRE 598 Topic: The French in North America

  • FRE 598 Topic: French Syntax

  • FRE 598 Topic: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Syntax

  • FRE 598 Topic: Issues in Syntax

  • FRE 598 Topic: Structure de la langue française


  • FRE 510 Introduction to Textual Analysis

  • FRE 598 Topic: French Classical Theater: Texts and Productions

  • FRE 598 Topic: French Poetry of the Nineteenth Century

  • FRE 598 Topic: French Women in Arts and Society

  • FRE 598 Topic: Haiti: History and Culture

  • FRE 598 Topic: Modern Narrative

  • FRE 598 Topic: Modern Poetry

  • FRE 598 Topic: Myth, Media, and Society

  • FRE 598 Topic: Paris and Florence in the Middle Ages

  • FRE 598 Topic: Théâtre du 19ème siècle 



Elective Courses

Electives should be chosen in consultation with the student’s committee. Electives can be taken outside of the School of International Letters and Cultures.


Supervisory Committee

Each students’ supervisory committee must include at least 3 faculty members from SILC.

Comprehensive Exam

All candidates are required to pass a comprehensive written examination designed to evaluate the candidate's knowledge in the area of specialization. A reading list, as agreed upon, serves as a guide to prepare for this examination.

Applied Project

The student will complete an applied project (FRE 593) as the culminating event for the French Linguistics MA program. The applied project will be supervised by their committee chair.