Asian Languages/Civilizations (Chinese), MA

The Master of Arts degree in Asian Languages and Civilizations with a concentration in Chinese provides our scholars with the chance to deepen their academic and societal understanding of China while continuing to study in depth, the language. Students are provided a research-intensive, interdisciplinary program of study in the traditional and modern languages and cultures of China. Our faculty is world renowned which means you will be receiving a diverse, well-rounded education in the field of Chinese languages and civilizations.

 China is one of the world’s well-known superpowers and with our program, you will learn everything about the Chinese language and culture. In today’s professional world, having a background in the Chinese language and culture sets you apart from competitors and acts as an advantage. Our program prepares you for a variety of business, government, diplomatic and economic career opportunities.

10 Core Faculty
2 years to degree
30 Credits

Degree Overview

The 30-hour program of study includes two areas of focus students can chose from and a thesis or applied project, depending on area chosen. Prospective masters students should have ambition, enthusiasm, and commitment to Chinese language and culture. 

Areas of Interest

Students will choose to focus their program on one of two available areas:

Area 1: literature, linguistics, and culture

This area seeks to prepare students for further academic training, for entrance to professional schools in such fields as law, business or journalism, and for a general level of knowledge about the languages and cultures of China as an asset to a professional career.

Area 2: Pedagogy

This area is intended to prepare students whose major career interest is in teaching modern Chinese in K-16 environments.

How to apply

All candidates for the masters in Asian Languages and Civilizations (Chinese) must fulfill the general requirements of the Graduate College concerning admission and residence. Please visit here to learn about what materials are needed to apply.

Students who wish to be considered for a teaching assistant position must apply by January 15, for the Fall semester. All other applications for the Fall semester are due by April 15.

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The degree plan includes a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate work, as approved by the candidate's supervisory committee, a thesis, or an applied project. The plan must include the CHI 501 Proseminar: East Asian Humanities course offered by the department. When approved by the candidate's supervisory committee, nine hours of advanced-level work in another language or in closely related courses may be included. Students who are primarily interested in teaching at the secondary or community college levels may select a plan of study with a concentration in language pedagogy.

Applicants must fulfill the requirements of Graduate College and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 


Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
Core Course3
Concentration Course3
Culminating Experience6
Total credit hours30

Courses and electives

The coursework for each student is individualized and based upon the student's previous training, research goals, and mentor and committee consensus. Our program requires students to complete a written thesis.

1- core course

  • CHI 501 Proseminar: East Asian Humanities

1- concentration course

  • CHI 482 History of the Chinese Language

Area 1 Requirements

  • CHI 5xx Two courses in linguistics, literature, religion, thought, cultural history
  • CHI 591 Two seminars
  • CHI 591 Two electives

Area 2 Requirements

  • CHI 5xx Two Courses in Chinese pedagogy, applied linguistics, language structure
  • CHI 591 Two Seminars in curriculum design, sociolinguistics, applied syntax
  • CHI or LIN Two Electives (must be approved by the committee)

1- culminating experience requirement

  • CHI 599 Thesis OR
  • CHI 593 Applied Project