Arabic Studies  (Minor)

Social media and nightly news are filled with events touching on the Middle East and Islamic nations. But how many people understand the deep issues at hand? You can. With a minor in Arabic studies, you'll have a cross-cultural understanding of Islamic civilization which will provide you opportunities in the global workforce.

Program Description

The minor program in Arabic studies provides students with instruction in Modern Standard Arabic as well as Arab culture and literature. Students completing the prescribed coursework are expected to be able to communicate effectively in Arabic and interact with native speakers of the language as well as reading authentic material in Arabic and writing paragraphs in Modern Standard Arabic.

Literature courses expand students' knowledge in Arabic, the Middle East and Islamic culture and civilization. Students of all academic disciplines doing research or seeking employment in areas related to the Middle East or other parts of the Arab world will find the minor in Arabic highly beneficial.

Students are encouraged to participate in a study abroad program to enhance their education and overall minor experience.

Career Opportunities

A minor enables students to enhance the marketable skills and knowledge they acquire in their major program and to also develop additional competencies.

A minor in Arabic studies helps students with communication and cultural competency skills as they pursue careers in political analysis, education, tourism and hospitality, the military and sociology or marketing.

Contact Information

School of International Letters and Cultures | LL 440 | 480-965-6281

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At a Glance: program details

  • Location: Tempe campus
  • Additional Program Fee: No
  • Second Language Requirement: No

Program Requirements

GPA Requirement: 2.00

Incompatible Majors: BA in international letters and cultures (Arabic studies)

Other Enrollment Requirements: None

Current ASU undergraduate students may pursue a minor and have it recognized on their ASU transcript at graduation. Minor requirements appear on the degree audit once the minor is added. Certain major and minor combinations may be deemed inappropriate by the college or department of either the major program or the minor. Courses taken for the minor may not count toward both the major and minor.

Enrollment Requirements

The minor in Arabic studies requires 28 credit hours of courses detailed below. A minimum grade of "C" (2.00 on a 4.00 scale) or better is required in each course. Course substitutions are allowed for heritage and advanced speakers of the language.

Required Courses -- 25 credit hours

Related Area (choose one) -- 3 credit hours

Depending on a student's undergraduate program of study, prerequisite courses may be needed in order to complete the requirements of this minor.

Program Contact Information

If you have questions related to admission, please click here to request information and an admission specialist will reach out to you directly. For questions regarding faculty or courses, please use the contact information below.