Latin American Studies  (Certificate)

A certificate in Latin American studies adds depth to any field of study. You'll learn to interact with diverse populations and appreciate the cultural differences. Cultural competency makes you more competitive in various industries, and this certificate is the first step.

Program Description

The Latin American studies certificate is designed to give students an understanding of the culture, economies, political structures and history of Latin American nations.

The program combines six courses across disciplinary boundaries to provide a diverse perspective of the Latin American experience. The Department of Economics; the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning; the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies; the School of Politics and Global Studies; the School of Human Evolution and Social Change; the School of International Letters and Cultures (Spanish and Portuguese) and the School of Transborder Studies offer courses that comprise the transdisciplinary certificate.

Career Opportunities

Graduates who have combined the certificate in Latin American studies with their major program of study may become more marketable to employers. They often decide to pursue employment in education, political analysis, the military, tourism and hospitality, and marketing.

Contact Information

School of International Letters and Cultures | LL 440 | 480-965-6281

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At a Glance: program details

  • Location: Tempe campus
  • Additional Program Fee: No
  • Second Language Requirement: No

Program Requirements

Any student admitted to study at ASU may complete a certificate program.

Requests to declare this certificate are reviewed by the academic advisor in the academic unit offering the certificate. Students may be contacted to discuss the certificate prior to the addition of the certificate to the student record.

A student pursuing an undergraduate certificate must be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at ASU. Undergraduate certificates are not awarded prior to the award of an undergraduate degree. A student already holding an undergraduate degree may pursue an undergraduate certificate as a nondegree-seeking graduate student.

Enrollment Requirements

The certificate requires a minimum of 18 credit hours of Latin American studies content. At least 12 upper-division credit hours must be completed from courses offered by The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Each course must be completed with a grade of "C" (2.00 on a 4.00 scale) or higher.

Language Requirement

Students must demonstrate Spanish or Portuguese proficiency through the 313 level of conversation and composition. The language proficiency requirement may be waived for native speakers or those with in-field experience equivalent to SPA 313 or POR 313.

Language instruction courses dealing with Spanish and Portuguese conversation and composition cannot be used to satisfy the content course requirement. While students are encouraged to enroll in language instruction courses (i.e., conversation and composition) above the 313 level, they cannot apply such coursework to the Latin American studies certificate course requirements.

Latin American Content Course Requirements -- 18 credit hours

Students will take 18 upper-division credit hours (six courses) from this list of Latin American content courses. Students are required to select nine credit hours (three courses) from within their major and nine credit hours (three courses) outside their major.

Depending on a student's undergraduate program of study, prerequisite courses may be needed in order to complete the requirements of this certificate.

Program Contact Information

If you have questions related to admission, please click here to request information and an admission specialist will reach out to you directly. For questions regarding faculty or courses, please use the contact information below.