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Samuel McClernon

Name Samuel McClernon

Graduation year 2016

Major German

Minor Economics; Political Science


What's your current job?

I currently work as an Education Specialist at Global Launch (ASU) and a Graduate Writing Consultant at the Writing Center (UASP, ASU). I am in my first year of the MTESOL program at ASU.

How does language and culture help you succeed in your career?

Applying the principles that I learned from the languages and cultures that I have studied has greatly benefited me in my career choices. While influencing my decision to pursue an MTESOL degree, language and culture have also greatly aided me as a writing tutor in communicating effectively with both international and native-English students. At every turn of both my academic and professional careers, I find myself drawing on the concepts that I was able to both learn and experience throughout my undergraduate years.

Did you study abroad? If so, can you speak about your experience?

I had the opportunity to study for a semester at the University of Tübingen in Germany. The experience not only improved my confidence in my speaking skills in German, but I also came to better understand how to communicate interculturally. From my time abroad, I was able to further my educational experience upon returning, bringing a new perspective to classes. In the end, studying abroad became a large factor influencing my future career choice to pursue an MTESOL degree. While I certainly have no doubt that I would have been successful without studying abroad, there is no question that the path I have taken is shaped in many ways by this experience.

How did ASU and the language program at SILC prepare you for your future?

Through the courses I was able to take throughout my time as an undergraduate at ASU, I was able to develop many skills, including communication, intercultural communication, and critical analysis. In addition, ASU and SILC prepared me to pursue my goals and maintain the drive to succeed. 

What was your favorite thing about learning a language?

There are too many things about learning a language that I could say are my favorite to really narrow it down to just one. However, some of these things include learning about the culture that is connected to that language; overcoming hurdles in developing listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills; and becoming proficient enough to communicate with native speakers of another language.