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The ASU Portuguese program is a vibrant and intellectually inspiring program. Our courses offer hands-on learning. Students practice the language through activities that simulate real-life situations and learn about culture and life in the Portuguese-speaking world while advancing their language skills.

In Portuguese language and culture courses, you will study areas such as:

  • Contemporary Brazilian Popular Music
  • Issues pertaining to race, social class, and citizenship 
  • Linguistics
  • Filmmaking
  • Various Portuguese-speaking writers, intellectuals, and artists
  • Brazilian Pop Culture

Our students are able to apply what they learn in our program to a variety of other disciplines because of its diverse topics and emphasis on culture.

Portuguese is often found in addition to other fields of study. It makes a good combination with:

  •  Linguistics
  • Law
  • Education
  • Religious Studies
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Music
  • African Studies
  • Pre-Med
  • Social Justice
  • Spanish

The Portuguese program at ASU also offers accelerated courses for Spanish speakers, creating the opportunity for students to complete the Brazilian Studies Certificate faster. If you plan to use Spanish in your future being able to speak Portuguese will give you an edge on the job market.

But what about career prospects? These differ depending on the path a student follows. Students who have studied Portuguese have often found careers in:

  • Law
  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Environmental Science
  • Academia
  • Education
  • Medicine 

Even in careers where Portuguese is not directly applicable, employers have come to value multi-lingual trained college graduates for the ability to solve problems, collaborate and negotiate with others, be self-disciplined, be flexible and adaptable, understand and appreciate other cultures and other ways of living.

Studying the language and culture of Portuguese can set you apart in your field. Contact us to find out how it can benefit you!

Don't forget to visit the Portuguese Program web page for the latest information on events, study abroad opportunities, and available courses. 
Ligia Bezerra
Assistant Professor

Ligia Bezerra has taught Portuguese, Spanish, and English in various institutions in Brazil and in the U.S. Bezerra's research interests include Latin American literature and culture, consumption, and everyday life.

Michael Gradoville
Assist Professor, Spanish

Gradoville teaches Spanish linguistics courses. His research interests include usage-based linguistic theory, sociophonetics, corpus linguistics, research methodology, and variation and change.

Instructor, Spanish

Johnson teaches Spanish and coordinates first and second-year Spanish, including supervising Teaching Assistants.


Curran taught Spanish and Portuguese languages and cultures: Survey of Literature of Spain, Brazil; Spanish, Spanish-American and Brazilian Civilization and published extensively on diverse cultures before/after retirement.

Clarice Deal

Deal has taught at ASU for more than 27 years, having given hundreds of Portuguese-language classes to thousands of students.



The Portuguese club brings together native speakers with non native speakers to share the distinct culture, language and customs from their country. The non native students who are learning portuguese as a second language get a chance to practice their language skills with native speakers in fun, interactive, and meaningful events and activities. We also host Churrascos (Brazilian barbecues), trips to amusement parks, hiking trips, social functions and more.

Brazilian Club at ASU The purpose of this organization is to provide a collaborative environment to study, celebrate Brazilian culture and promote academic and social engagement opportunities. We intend to liaise Brazilian students and Arizona State University faculty. We want to promote our language and our customs in order to improve the understanding about Brazil and its traditions. Also, we would like to help incoming Brazilian students understand ASU policies and learn more about what brings Brazilian students to ASU. Finally, we wish to encourage students to share their experiences and knowledge by promoting lectures, courses, study groups and events to the ASU community.

The SILC Attaches Club brings languages and cultures from SILC together. People are able to learn about different cultures in a fun way when studying a language. Understanding different cultures is such an important attribute to have, and it is one you can obtain through SILC Attaches. This club creates community events, outreach projects, and plans fun get-togethers.

Study Abroad

Check out our study abroad trips in SILC.


The ability to speak another language opens up more opporutunities for scholarships and fellowships. Take a look at our SILC scholarshipsASU also offers an extensive database for you to search through and find the right ones to apply for. 

In the Study Abroad Office, Shira Burns (shira.burns@asu.edu) oversees applications to programs. Study Abroad’s deadlines for applying for all programs are September 25th for the spring and February 15th for the fall. ASU financial aid is accepted for all programs on Study Abroad’s approved list.

Here is a list of a few scholarships specific for language:

Fulbright | Boren | Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship | USAC Study Abroad Scholarship | Stohl International Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Fellowships and Internships

U.S. Department of State has a student internships program through Pathways. 

Thomas Perking Undergraduate and Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship

European Union Internships in Europe.

European Union Internship in the United States.

Cultural Embassador Program