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Graduate FAQs

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Monica Hopkins
Graduate Program Student Services Support Coordinator silc@asu.edu

Q. What graduate degrees are offered through the School of International Letters and Cultures?

A. SILC offers Master’s of Art degrees in Chinese, Japanese, French (Comparative Literature, Linguistics, Literature), German, and Spanish.

Doctoral degrees are offered in East Asian Languages and Civilization (Chinese), Spanish, and Comparative Culture and Language.

SILC also offers graduate certificates in Literary Translation Studies, Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), and Spanish Pedagogy.

Q. How can I receive information?

A. Information about the SILC Graduate Program can be obtained online here. If you have additional questions after reviewing the website, please e-mail the Graduate Programs Student Support Coordinator at silc@asu.edu .

Q. How long does the program take to complete?

A. The time it will take each graduate student to complete their degree program in SILC will vary, depending on such things as whether or not a student attends classes on a full-time basis and whether or not the student is focused on a particular concentration or area of research from the start. Typically, the time to complete an MA degree is 2.5 to 3 years, while the Ph.D. program completion time is typically 5 years (if coming in with an earned MA degree). It is a Graduate College policy that master's students must complete their degrees within six consecutive years. Ph.D. students have ten consecutive years from admission (or five years from candidacy).

Q. How do I apply? What are the requirements? What are the deadlines?

A. Students must submit the general application through the university’s Graduate College online application

Students interested in Teaching Assistantships must submit the TA/RA application and a copy of their resume or CV. East Asian Languages and Civilizations students should submit a four-minute (approximately) recorded message in Chinese on a topic of their choice. Do not read your message. This is to help the committee evaluate your level, and your message should realistically reflect your spoken Chinese. 

SILC TA Application Form



For Fall 2020 admission:

Spanish PhD

January 15

East Asian Lang and Civ PhD

January 15

Comparative Culture and Language PhD

January 15

Spanish (MA)

January 15

Asian Lang Civ (Chinese) (MA)

January 15

Asian Lang Civ (Japanese) (MA)

January 15

French Comparative Lit (MA)

April 15

French Linguistics (MA)

April 15

French Literature (MA)

April 15

German (MA)

Not accepting
applications at
this time


Q. How do I check the status of my application with SILC?

A. Go to MyASU and check your “To Do” items listed under “MyTasks”. You can see your application status here.

Q. If my application is complete before the deadline, will it be evaluated early?

A. No. All applications are reviewed by faculty graduate committees after each program’s deadline.

 Q. When will I be notified of the admission decision and will I get a letter from someone?

A. Typically, mid-January to early April. You will be given a letter on MyASU under “my application status” regarding the final decision, which comes from the Graduate College. SILC will also send an e-mail regarding admission and TA offer, if you are selected for one.