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Graduate Experience


SPAGrad shall represent all students admitted to the graduate program in the Spanish Department of ASU. SPAGrad will provide a voice for graduate student concerns and its representatives will serve as direct liasons with the Spanish Department faculty and administrators, the Graduate College and University governance. SPAGrad will act to improve graduate education in the Spanish Department by contributing to the formation of general departmental policy and by promoting scholarly and professional development for our graduate students through the sponsorship of workshops, public discussion groups, conferences, panels, lectures, community-outreach programs and funding for travel and research.

Asian Studies Graduate Student Association (ASGSA)

The Asian Studies Graduate Student Association (ASGSA) is an inclusive graduate student organization for scholars of Asian humanities. Elected graduate student representatives in ASGSA serve all Asian Studies graduate students by conveying department and discipline-specific considerations to the Graduate College and University governance. ASGSA provides academic workshops and opportunities for professional development throughout the year and welcomes all graduate students in SILC to join these events and social mixers to encourage interdisciplinary research and conversations. ASGSA graduate students also self-publish an electronic newsletter that highlights funding opportunities, conferences and events, recent publications, and student and faculty accomplishments. It is ASGSA’s mission as a graduate student organization to develop a collaborative community of diverse scholars across all aspects of Asian Studies. 

Connected Academics

We have designed programs that advance your career goals. Connected Academics enriches the experience of earning a doctoral degree in languages and literatures through augmented curricula, expanded para-curricular development, and extensive mentoring. We provide mentoring from now through graduation and beyond. your mentor will be area specific and fitted to your interests. Your mentor will help you navigate not only course selection and scholarly research but also practical details of the graduate program.

ASU is part of the national Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) and Preparing Future Scholars (PFS) programs, which help professionalize students to a national level of excellence.

Internships may involve work in other disciplinary areas at ASU, partner educational institutions (K12, community college, or four-year), cultural organizations, other non-profits, or industry. Graduate Certificates in Humanities and Social Sciences Methodologies, in Digital Humanities, in Teaching in Higher Education, and in Computer Assisted Language Learning to offer a broader graduate education and enhance student's academic and professional profiles.

Life in AZ

Student Research

Students at SILC enjoy the resources of Arizona State University along with a supportive faculty. Studying a language opens doors, and that includes unique research opportunities. One student examined Alexander the Great's literary influence while another studied Latin American arts for sustainable solutions. See more student research by clicking below. 

 student research


List Career Opportunities

  • Academia
  • Arts and arts management
  • Consultancy
  • Cultural Management
  • Diplomacy
  • Financial institutions and banks
  • Government jobs
  • Human resources
  • International organizations
  • Journalism
  • Libraries
  • Media and marketing
  • Non-profits
  • Politics
  • Public service
  • Research
  • Tourism
  • Trade
  • Translation and interpretation

Find out about more opportunities at ASU's Career Center or through the Career Advisement Model.

Patrick Thomas Ridge pursued a Ph.D in Spanish with a specialization in Latin American Literature and Culture. His language skills have given him access to all sorts of culture through Spanish and Portuguese texts. Ridge took advantage of SILC's research and cultural opportunities. "During my time abroad and at Arizona State, I have also established many wonderful friendships, and I know that without my knowledge in Spanish and Portuguese, this would not have been possible."
Laura Belmonte received her Ph.D in Spanish with a concentration in Chicano Literature and Cultural Studies. At SILC, she enjoyed working with respected faculty and developing expertise. Belmonte now works as an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico. "Language learning is a gift. Because of this, persevere in learning as many languages as you can, because the world opens up in a way that you can't imagine."
Francisco Arellano Serratos
Currently a Spanish and cultural communication instructor at Washing State University. Originally from Mexico, Francisco came to ASU for graduate school. At SILC, he appreciated the tremendous resources and even learned Portuguese and French. "I love languages. I’m able to communicate in four languages and I feel I’ll never stop learning. Every day I am constantly learning not only words or phrases but also about culture, people and experiences."