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French Language and Québécois Culture in Québec, Canada

Quick Facts

  • July 10th - August 11th, 2017
  • Study in Québec City and earn 6 ASU French credits.
  • Start your French language requirement or finish it in one summer in a French-speaking environment.
  • Experience life with a host family while taking French courses at one of the oldest Francophone universities in North America, Laval University.
  • Open to undergraduate students (sophomore and above) and graduate students of French, 18 years of age or older, who desire to immerse themselves in the French language and Québécois culture.


Students will enroll in 2 of the following courses for a total of 6 credits:

FRE 102 | Elementary French II (4 credits)
FRE 194 | Studies in Quebec (1-4 credits)
FRE 201 | Intermediate French I (4 credits)
FRE 202 | Intermediate French II (4 credits)
FRE 294 | Québécois Culture (1-4 credits)
FRE 311 | French Conversation (3 credits)
FRE 312 | French Composition (3 credits)
FRE 394 | Studies in Quebec III (1-4 credits)
FRE 411 | Advanced Spoken French (3 credits)
FRE 412 | Advanced Written French (3 credits)
FRE 494 | ST: Québécois Culture (2-4 credits)
FRE 494 | ST: Québécois Language (2-4 credits)
FRE 598 | ST: Québécois Culture (2-4 credits)
FRE 598 | ST: Québécois Language (2-4 credits)

Want more info?


Québec City, the only walled city in North America, is a city so beautiful that it was declared an official historical monument by the United Nations. Québec's many churches, old stone houses, and crooked cobblestone streets give it the charm of an old European city. It lies at the point where the St. Charles River flows into the St. Lawrence River and its name comes from an Algonquian word meaning the river narrows here. Historical sites like the Citadel and the Place Royale are part of the culture of the city. Spend your free time discovering the streets of Vieux Québec, walking along the banks of the St. Lawrence River, enjoying the summer festivals, and experiencing the special blend of the European and the North American.

Program Housing

Participants will be lodged in a francophone homestay for the duration of the program.

Faculty Directors

Dr. Helene Ossipov
Associate Professor, French Faculty
School of International Letters and Cultures
Arizona State University
Office: LL 446B
Telephone: 480.965-6281
Email: helene.ossipov@asu.edu

Lesley Poteet
Lecturer, French Faculty
School of International Letters and Cultures
Arizona State University
Office: LL 172G
Email: lesley.poteet@asu.edu

Cost Information

The Program Fee for Summer 2017 is TBD.

Program Fee includes: ASU tuition, homestay accommodations with a francophone family, cultural events within Quebec, a group dinner, ASU faculty support, and health insurance.  Not included: airfare, most meals, passport, books and personal expenses.

Faculty Directed program participants are also responsible for paying a non-refundable $50 Application Fee, in addition to the Program Fee listed above. All other costs associated with participation in the program are the responsibility of the individual student. Be sure to reference the program Cost Sheet for information on program fees and any additional estimated expenses.

The program may allow for time which can be spent in non-program activities. Participants may wish to travel, sight-see or participate in activities or events in which they have a personal interest. Please note that the participant is fully responsible for making arrangements and for all costs of transportation, lodging, food and additional expenses that may be associated with any non-Program activities.