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The French program at ASU offers a wide range of courses in the language, literature, film, theater, culture, history, and art of the French-speaking world. Our courses encompass not only France and Europe, but also Africa, North America, and the Caribbean. Our faculty includes leading researchers and award-winning teachers. Many of our classes are small seminars that allow for extensive contact with professors. We offer a great deal of support through our faculty advisers, advising staff, and senior student mentors.

A French major will open many doors for your post-graduation career. French is one of the most spoken and useful languages in the world, and French-speaking countries represent a huge and rapidly growing portion of the world economy. French is useful in a wide variety of fields, from

  • teaching
  • marketing
  • gastronomy
  • fashion
  • translation
  • tourism
  • international aid
  • finance
  • medicine
  • new media
  • and aerospace

Recent graduates of the ASU French program have joined the Peace Corps, taught English in France through the TAPIF program, worked for the State Department, received Fulbright fellowships, and found careers in fields such as marketing and lifestyle management, to name a few.

Even in careers not directly related to French, a background in French demonstrates a willingness to confront challenges, sensitivity toward global cultures, and the ability to think critically:  skills that are all valued highly by potential employers.

ASU also offers numerous affordable opportunities to study abroad in French-speaking countries for the summer, semester, or year, including two faculty-led summer programs, in Quebec City, Canada and in Lyon, France. ASU is a leader in the number of students who win scholarships like Fulbright, Boren/National Security Education Program (NSEP), and Gilman scholarships. 

At ASU there are also plenty of opportunities to engage with French and Francophone culture outside of the classroom. The French Club is active throughout the year, with weekly meetings, outings to local restaurants and markets, and movie nights. The French Club is a great way to meet other students and to get to know the international side of Phoenix. There is an Alliance française in Phoenix that frequently organizes French-related events. Phoenix has a Sister Cities relationship with Grenoble, France, and offers internship opportunities in Grenoble to ASU students.

French is also popular as a concurrent major, with students connecting their study of French to:

  • education
  • business
  • design
  • lingustics
  • public health
  • medicine
  • fine arts
  • and aerospace engineering

Whatever your personal and career interests might be contact our advisorsASU's French program can help get you there!

Frederic Canovas
Faculty Head of French and Italian and Assoc Professor, French

Dr. Canovas specializes in the study of French poetry and narrative from Baudelaire to surrealism.

Markus Cruse
Director Graduate Studies, Assoc Professor, French

Cruse's research focuses on medieval Francophone culture (manuscripts, travel writing, visual culture).

Mariana Bahtchevanova
Principal Lecturer MY

Bahtchevanova teaches undergraduate and graduate linguistics courses and French language courses. As the coordinator of the lower-division French program, she coordinates, trains, and mentors French language instructors.

Enrico Minardi
Lecturer Sr, MY, Italian

Originally from Italy, he completed his undergraduate studies in Florence, and his graduate studies in France and the US. Besides ASU, he has taught at Duke University and Truman State.

Lesley Poteet
Lecturer, MY, French

Lesley Poteet teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on French language, literature and francophone cultures.

Azadeh Alavi
Instructor, French

Alavi started her career at ASU in 2009. She currently teaches various courses, such as Fre 101, Fre 102, Fre 201, Fre 202, and Fre 311 at ASU.

Esther Borbon
Instructor, French

Her interests in linguistics include phonology acquisition and early childhood language acquisition.

Audrey Chery
Instructor, French

Chery is a French instructor at ASU. Born and raised in Nancy (France), she moved to Arizona shortly after graduating high school to pursue her education at ASU.

Nicole Johannson
Instructor, French

Johannson exclusively works with the ASU Online program, teaching both intermediate and beginner French courses.

Shannon McHale
Instructor, French

McHale holds an master's in French Literature and teaches beginner- and intermediate-level French courses. She has lived and worked in francophone Europe.

Marie Winter
Instructor, French

A French native who has traveled extensively, Winter became a French instructor to share her culture and language when she moved to the U.S.

Kimberly Allen
Instructional Specialist PRN, French

Allen is a member of the faculty of the School of International Letters and Cultures. She teaches different levels of elementary French.


Baldini taught several advanced Italian courses, as well as a number of special topic courses semester to semester.

Sylvain Gallais

Gallais' research areas include economic analysis of institutions; new institutional economics; environment, pollution, market solutions; public choice; Austrian economics; public policy.

Aleksandra Gruzinska

Gruzinska's longtime interests include exploring the fate of Children of War, unaccompanied Polish children in their trajectory of exile, homelessness, repatriation or immigration, from Poland to the U.S. during WWII.

Helene Ossipov

Helene Ossipov received a bachelor's in Russian literature from Queens College of CUNY, a master's in Russian area studies, and a master's and a doctorate in French linguistics from Indiana University.

Isaac Joslin
Asst Professor, French - Contemporary Francophone Literature and Culture

Joslin's interdisciplinary research on African literature and film combine aesthetic theories of representation and socio-cultural interpretations of texts in order to reimagine global discourses within a humanistic framework

Kristin Espinasse found her passion for the French language and culture during her time at SILC, never dreaming that she would one day get the chance to share that passion with thousands of others. Espinasse is the author of two books and an online language journal, “French-Word-A-Day,” where she shares daily words and phrases through stories of her everyday life in Provence, France.
Arizona State University's School of International Letters and Cultures (SILC) not only draws people passionate about global life, but gives those people a chance to begin their global careers. Ralph Stage, a French major, has taken on many of these opportunities.


The French Club is active throughout the year, with weekly meetings, outings to local restaurants and markets, and movie nights. The French Club is a great way to meet other students and to get to know the international side of Phoenix. 

Alliance Française: There is an Alliance française in Phoenix that frequently organizes French-related events. 


French-Italian Picnic: Occurs every semester as a community event for our French and Italian students. We invite friends and family to join us in celebrating French and Italian culture.

Study Abroad

French Language and Québécois Culture in Québec, Canada Students looking for French immersion head to Canada on a budget for this prestigious yet affordable exchange program in Québec, Canada at Laval University.

French Language and Culture in Lyon, France The intensive French language and culture summer program in Lyon is designed to provide students with a true immersion experience. Because Lyon has far fewer tourists than other French cities, students have greater opportunity to utilize French language skills by interacting with locals and learning from native speakers.

Check out our study abroad trips in SILC.


Sister Cities: Phoenix has a Sister Cities relationship with Grenoble, France, and offers internship opportunities in Grenoble to ASU students.

The ability to speak another language opens up more opporutunities for scholarships and fellowships. Take a look at our SILC scholarshipsASU also offers an extensive database for you to search through and find the right ones to apply for. 

In the Study Abroad Office, Shira Burns (shira.burns@asu.edu) oversees applications to programs. Study Abroad’s deadlines for applying for all programs are September 25th for the spring and February 15th for the fall. ASU financial aid is accepted for all programs on Study Abroad’s approved list.

Here is a list of a few scholarships specific for language:

Fulbright | Boren | Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship | USAC Study Abroad Scholarship | Stohl International Undergraduate Research Scholarships